Saturday, September 11, 2004

Pre-conference Day 1.

I just finished attending day one of the Preconference Tutorials at this year's Borland Conference.  I attended Danny's talk about .NET 2.0 and John Kaster's talk, Overview of Diamondback.  I like sitting in the back and work on my own presentation because I can also see what they've covered, guage the audience reaction so that I can get a feel for what I should concentrate on in my own talk.  Looks like the IDE stuff was one of the hottest tickets.  But then again maybe I'm a little biased ;-)..  If you want to know what was covered in Danny's talk this morning, Nick has a great summary of all the hot bits.  I'm almost done with my own slides and was able to pare them down to under 50.  I will probably do more demos in between a lot of the slides.  I still don't know if 1:15 is enough time.  John Kaster was unable to get through even half of his 218 or so slides in the four hours of his precon tutorial!  So if you're at the conference, I may have to split my one talk into a part I and a part II.  I'm scheduled for a repeat on Wednesday, but may have to use the Wednesday talk as a continuation.  This all depends on the how well things go Monday.  I'll try and post again tomorrow, once I decide who's talk to crash and heckle ;-)


  1. Hi Michael,

    is it possible to download your presentation file after BorCon? (For people who can't be there...) Thanks!

  2. I've uplaoded a few "small" pictures of the slides (readable) and of the screen (unreadable) on my picture log:


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