Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Unofficial, unscientific, "just curious" survey.

For all those that attended Borcon, and esspecially those that attended the Diamondback Preview/Meet the Team session on Monday evening, what was your opinion of the format?  Did you like the “fair” style format where you could walk up directly to different areas where the team members were sitting and talk directly with them.  What about the “blip-vert” demos prior to the breakout?  As a data point, I've already gotten some feedback that it was very well received.  I think we'll probably keep that format for the next few years at BorCon (depending upon how many of the engineers we can drag to the conference and where it takes place).


  1. The 'fair' format was great. Easy to spot the team members and interact with them in an informal fun manner. Great Job!

  2. I talked to a number of people after the meet the team session and they all loved it! Next time we need trading cards with the team members photos on the front and a bio and stats on the back. They we could get those autographed.

  3. I thought it was great! So much good info flying around.

    I went back to my room, installed Diamondback & plyed for hours. I can't wait to get my hands on the final production version, so I can install it at work.

    Congradulations again on the "Presidents Award".

  4. I really enjoyed the format. It was nice to see the proud pappas showing of their babies.

    It was wounderful to walk away with a beta.

    The fair afterward was perfect. I'm sure the team appricated having chairs to sit on while they were talking.

    I think it might have been too short though. but we weren't kicked out which was great.

    I missed the open mike, but would appricate people getting to write down their questions and handing them in before the meeting. This way if it applies to the group Michael could pick some questions and talk about them infront of the entire crowd and pole necessary information, and have the rest at "the fair" tables.

    BTW: Where was Ray Lichner?)


  5. Jim: He's home taking care of a new baby.

    Allen: I liked the advert demo format.

    I really liked the new meet the team


    I missed the question and answer session

    because it is fun to spice things up. Of

    course neither Ray nor Mark were there this year, so perhaps it wouldn't have mattered.

    And this year we could have guessed that

    most of the questions would be regarding

    D8/.NET/Win32 which were rendered irrelevant

    with the preview of the new version.

    Still I hope to see questions again next year.

  6. It was great, although we missed the chance for the "general survey questions" (like "how many people are using Kylix and would like to see updates?" or "how many people would like to see a C++(Builder) personality inside Delphi"), etc.

    But overall, the format was very nice. Next time, though, let the team wear bigger nametags (some members I still don't know their name - and some names still have no face ;-)

    Groetjes, Bob Swart

  7. Beta's are great. A chance to play and when I mess it up I can say... But really, it gives me a chance to get familiar with all the great new stuff before I'm expecting to use and have my "productive" blinders on.

    The fair is much appriciated. I wanted to clone and lurk everywhere. But when I spoted one of my crew at a station I'd peal off and go to another. We do have a bunch of "are you sure he said..." and "how did he do that". But that's just making us poke around more.

    Q&A not missed this year. Michael covered the Kylix issue. Frankly the "when are you...", "why did/don't you..", etc. made the previous Meat the Team <G> events rehash what's been pretty well covered in the ng's. Stick to a strong "show them what I did" format. It's cool.

    Really exciting and fun BorCon. Thanks!

    And congratulations.



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