Thursday, October 8, 2009

Delphi check-in log entries of the day:

25232 trunk/com/ scanner.c Thu Oct 8 20:41:10 2009 UTC ytagawa


(scanner.c) Don't define ASSEMBLER for x64 for awhile.

25224 trunk/com/ codegen.c Thu Oct 8 12:35:00 2009 UTC eboling


Refactoring in PassParams to support changes to stack alignment code.
Changed the logic for aligning the stack for parameter lists for the Mac.

I’ll just leave that little tidbit for you all to chew on for a now. I’ve seen a lot of rampant speculation and and angst surrounding the release of the current roadmap. Maybe this will at least demonstrate that, yes, things are moving forward and people are actually working on interesting things.

DISCLAIMER: If you read into this more that what is actually in this post and begin ranting an raving about how this or that thing should be done one way or another, I may simply delete your comment. Remember there are no promises or anything of any value in this post. If you make a business decision based any information contained herein, then I’d really like to play you in a round of Texas Hold’em… you’d be easy prey and I’ll be happy to take all your money, and I’m not even that good.