Thursday, September 9, 2004

BorCon prep.

We're currently scrambling to complete all those last minute details you always forget in preparation for this year's Borland Conference.  I'm finalizing the slides for my presentations, “What's New in Diamondback.”  By all counts this is going to be one memorable conference.  I hope to be giving some daily updates regarding the conference.  Maybe even post some photos.


  1. Please send me the powerpoint presentation ;-)

  2. We have certainly heard a lot about how wonderful this Diamondback announcement is going to be. I am sure Allen, Danny, et. al. understand about setting customer expectations. Mine are pretty high right now. Can I talk to Delphi, tell it what to do, and it will built the app? ;-)

  3. Sure, you can talk to Delphi... You're co-workers may recommend help, and Delphi will be a very patient listener. It just won't be very productive. :-)


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