Friday, August 29, 2003

Well... I just downloaded and installed NewsGator for MS Outlook (not Outlook Express). I must say that this is a very nice little utility. I'm planning on using the 14 day trial to really form an opinion, but so far so good. The other cool thing about it is that is is written for the .NET platform.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

OK... I finally got this thing publishing to the server. Now all I need to do is to "publish" its existence...

Allen Bauer.

Friday, August 22, 2003


This is my first official "blog" entry. Since this seems to be all the rage these days, I couldn't let another fad pass me by. So here it goes.

First of all, my name is, Allen Bauer. I am the lead Architect for the Delphi/C#Builder IDE. I am responsible for making sure that all the excellent technologies the other team members produce play nicely with one another inside the IDE. I also design and maintain the Open Tools API, which is used by many third-parties to integrate their value-added solutions into the Borland IDE. Recently I've been working hard at redesigning the IDE to support multiple project personalities. This moves the IDE into more of a framework into which a product is placed, rather than being a monolithic jumble of code that is taylored to each and every product.

The first version of this new architecture shipped with Borland's newest member of the RAD products, C#Builder. This is an IDE that supports building native .NET applications using the Microsoft C# language. It supports both WinForms and WebForms by integrating those specific designers.

In the future, as things progress, I'll post some of my entries that may provide some insight into some of the inner workings of the Delphi/C#Builder team...

Allen Bauer.