Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shhhh.... It's vewy, vewy, qwiet awound here... eheheheheh!

OK.. OK.. OK.. I know I've not been as active lately on blogging.  I've been kinda waiting for certain, ahem, events to go down so I'd be able to really talk about that big bag of beans that just got spilled.  However, there's been some non-spin-off related news that I should really point out.  Our very own David Lock has been working on a little side project to create a TurboMan video game!  You can read about it on his blog starting with this post.  Also, unless you've been under a rock for the last few weeks, Nick Hodges has been doing some excellent introductory videos using the soon to be released Turbo Delphi product.  So stay tuned to the Turbo Explorer site and David's and Nick's blogs for some fun and exciting things.  I'll try to keep folks up to date on anything that may be happening surrounding the fact that you "may have heard that Borland is planning on divesting itself of the Developer Tools Group."  I guess you can count this as the calm before the storm?

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Some really good press amidst all the Turbo-mania...

This article on FTPOnline, Borland Brings Back Turbo has a very insightful statement:

"For those who might have been worried that Borland's spin-off of the developer tools to a separate company (whose name is still yet to be announced) might herald a sunset of minimum additional development and maximum milking of customers, this announcement should be a welcome relief. This is clearly a long-term strategy. Borland (and the successor company for the developer tools) is not milking the installed base, but rather trying to regrow the community. It is a bold and risky strategy in this era of commodity developer tools, but perhaps the best alternative for Borland and the successor developer tools company to remain relevant."

Bold and risky, indeed.

The Adventures of TurboMan - Part 1

Watch the new adventures of TurboMan!

More Turbo stuff...

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ComputerWorld Australia: Borland Revives 'Turbo' for developer tools

Long-time Turbo Pascal and Delphi supporter, columnist, and book author, Neil J. Rubenking: New Borland Line Salutes Turbo Pascal Spirit

The Official Press Release: Borland's Developer Tools Group Announces Plans to Rev Up Classic Turbo(tm)

Update 1:

Even Slashdot is getting into the fray: Borland Announces the Return of the Turbo Products, with Video (Remember this is Slashdot we're talking about here.. so there is bound to be some... ahem... rather clueless and uninformed comments ;-)

Update 2:

Now The Register has their entry in the Turbo-mania thing: Borland enlists Turboman for Windows tools

Monday, August 7, 2006

They're baaaack...

Yep.  The rumors are actually true.  There will be "Turbo" versions of Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++, and C#.  You can read some information here about it:,1895,2000205,00.asp

and here:

Yes, there will be free versions of the Turbo's.  They're the Explorer editions.  Go to to get information and news about the availability of these editions, along with tutorials, games and contests.