Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Shotgun fix for .NET 1.1 SP1...

The following was posted by Roy Nelson as a way to get Delphi 8 back up and going with .NET 1.1 SP1.  Please note that this is a “shotgun” fix and has not been verified by Borland QA, so your mileage may vary:

1) delete all *.dc* (BUT just make a copy of your $(BDS)lib BEFORE deleting all the *.dc* files)in the $(BDS)lib dir and $(BDS)libdebug dir (do not touch the other files eg. .resource, .res and .nfm files)
2) go to the $(BDS)source dir and run the makefile file with "default" and "debug" options.
So from command prompt in the $(BDS)source dir you run

"make default debug" (without the quotes)

3) delete all old *.dc* in you project dir and re-build.
4) in VCL projects you might still see issues but all you need to do is remove the references to the VCL assemblies in the project pane and then do a re-build of the project.
5) if you still see any compiler error, either remove the offending assembley from the references and do a re-build.



  1. Thank you, this helps.

    Only one outstanding problem: I can't use Rave Reports anymore. Are there plans to provide an update?

  2. You have got to be kidding.

    This is a sure vision of the future.

    What a monumental waste of time.

    Now where did I put my trusty native executables? Ah, there they are... Back to some real work.


  3. So sorry I wasted your time. I was under the impression that at least *trying* to get some information out that could at least get some folks back up and going rather than leaving them twisting in the wind would be welcome. I'd rather show that we are at least being proactive in resolving the issues rather than ignore it and hope it goes away.

  4. Your post wasn't waste of time, per se. Chasing .NET is a waste of time.

    You guys should have just waited for Longhorn, and given us a 64-bit compiler in the meantime. Its not to late. Get your head screwed on right. Stop listening to your "sources" in MS...

    D9 better not be anything resembling D8 or you will get a serious boot up the ass.


  5. Dear Borlanders.

    Is far as I see, fix is recompiling library.

    I don't want to be rude, but it is realy hard to resist asking question about all that "no more DLL hell", "peacefull coexistance" of assemblies and other "praise the .NET" stuff from MS, and embraced by you.

    Your products brought lot of satisfaction, in many ways, to my life in last 13 years. I regard Delphi community as something I am proud to be part of.

    And I hope for good stuff in D9.

  6. Thanks Allen (and Roy) - you saved my butt...

    Yesterday I decided to perform a Windows Update and install all security patches on my laptop. Which included .NET 1.1 SP1, which I didn't realise until I started to practice my BorCon 2004 sessions. And Delphi 8 for .NET wouldn't compile anymore. Aaaaaaaargh!

    At least now I can continue (with a few more gray hairs ;-)

  7. Thanks guys. Although I'm not using Delphi 8 it's good to see that you guys are making an effort to support your customers in any way you can. Sounds like Microsoft threw a spanner in the works for you... I knew the "no more DLL hell with .NET" thing was too good to be true!

  8. Thanks Alan! Luck with the Diamonback hunting =)

    Your directions for getting D8 back up and running were great, only problem I had was with the System.EnterpriseServices.Thunk.dll file and that solved with a "regsvr32"

    I think its pretty low of MS not to give you guys a head up on this so you could release a patch...

    Oh well thanks again!

  9. Would have been nice of the Borland boys to send us the solution rather than having to hunt for it .... ?

    Rather a large marketing miss...

  10. I'm up and running now with D8 Winforms but VCL.Net doesn't work. What "exactly" does "remove the offending assembley from the references" mean?

  11. I have to agree with this person's attitude (see below: Posted @ 9/7/2004 9:34 PM)

    Delphi 8 sucks -- I was very disappointed. In doing some algorithm tests I found Delphi 8 runs slower than VB (that's Visual Basic folks! [.NET or otherwise])

    The reason I was attracted to Delphi initially(up until and including 7) was the SPEED at which my programs ran -- they ran usually just as fast [to the millisecond] as my C++ programs -- now of course I understand Delphi 8 runs under the .NET CLR, however I half expected it to run as fast as C# -- just plain'ol disappointing.

    Borland use to rock! -- if D8 is any example of things to come -- I'll just continue to invest in my D7 and MS VS and be done with it.

    BTW: the 1.1SP1 issue can be easily and quickly resolved with Update 3 (if they release it) -- they instead recommend you roll back to pre Sp1 -- not an option for VS developers (which I am also.)

    --> Posted @ 9/7/2004 9:34 PM

    # re: Shotgun fix for .NET 1.1 SP1...

    Dennis Landi

    Your post wasn't waste of time, per se. Chasing .NET is a waste of time.

    You guys should have just waited for Longhorn, and given us a 64-bit compiler in the meantime. Its not to late. Get your head screwed on right. Stop listening to your "sources" in MS...

    D9 better not be anything resembling D8 or you will get a serious boot up the ass.


  12. I have to agree -- Borland should have focused on porting Delphi over to other OS' like and esp. the following:

    MacOS X



    Instead of porting it over to a limited (OS) .NET technology. Although I understand the reasons for doing and think it a good idea... however not like this, and not at this time.

    Borland/Delphi is a highly under-rated Development platform and it could use the major cross platform boost. Also 64bit version needs to get developed. As well as support for other-than Intel processors.

    Porting Delphi over to those OS' (see above) seems to me would have been a no-brainier -- and relatively easy task as there already exists a Linux port -- basically those other OS' are more of the same.

    Right now I am forced to use Java to write my truly cross-platform apps -- I would much more prefer the power and speed of Delphi when developing my apps.

    To revitalize Delphi I would also recommend a FREE version of the development platform and some major price drops to make it more reasonable when compared to other Development platforms. IMHO -- Borland has over-priced its products -- and in need of much better marketing and real-world use examples. Perhaps these are some reasons why it hasn't become as popular.

    Delphi / Object Pascal has such awesome potential and contains an easy to use language and awesome compiler -- it's very discouraging that there is so little out there for it or in support of it.

    Please make all this happen with release 10.


  13. Thank you very much for the workaround. Now anything is working again. 1 minute time and anything was solved.

    BTW: Delphi 8 is cool and I am waiting for my Delphi 2005 CDs *g*. One single thing is what I do miss: Full support for Compact Framework. But I know sooner or later it will come.


    Mac, BSD, Solaris...


    Well, I dont see any need for this. I dont have to use it, we dont have any customer. All our customers us Win32 or .NET.


  15. Trustguard Software%20DeveloperDecember 14, 2004 at 11:03 PM

    This has to be a disaster for Borland.

    I received the D2005 CD, already had D8 installed but no time. Come xmas time, I had a little spare time so have installed D2005 which won't work - uninstalled that and lost *all* my file associations for D7. D8 won't work because of the .NET SP1 issue - uninstalled that and reinstalled. No change. Can't install the updates 1 or 2 either - version missing or different version or something.

    So, I've used Ds 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 out of the box instantly cannot get D8 OR D2005 to even compile a blank form.

    WTF is the matter!!!!!!!!


  16. Delphi 8, charming IDE, cool new way for designing web applications, the first impression is fantastic. And then it hits you, in most cases your application is dependend on DLL's from microsoft, even if not a web application. You can't use pointers without marking them as unsafe code, instead of strings you must declare AnsiStrings, there is no New nor Dispose use the "MARSHAL", there are no records although the reserved word still is used, they are refered as structures. The use of PChar is discouraged, instead we have to use VB style techniques. The typecast is restricted to the limits. The applications are slow like starting a diesel engine on a rocky mountain, and here I read that they are even slower then VB applications. The Delphi Help now looks like and it's useful just like the Windows XP Help.

    There used to be a time when Microsoft applications wouldn't work on their own operative system because of some faulty DLL and Delphi app's would run without a glynch using only one EXE file, and now it's vice versa. Sorry to be so harsh but I had to tell someone about my opinion. Delphi 8 even with the .NET suffix is not enought to describe the gap between Delphi 1..7 and the new product. Please don't get me wrong Delphi 8 .NET is a great product, but find a way to create a product to make applications more independent from Microsoft that will be a wordy sequel of Delphi 1..7

  17. I program in vb.net, so does this apply to me in any way?


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