Wednesday, September 1, 2004

.NET 1.1 SP1

We're beginning to hear reports that installing the newly released .NET 1.1 SP1 found here,, is causing some folks problems with C#Builder and Delphi 8.  We're aware of this issue and are currently researching the total scope of the problem.  In several cases so far, reinstalling of the products fixes the problem.  Not an ideal solution at this point I know, but until we have all the facts, we can't begin to suggest actual fixes or what the proper procedures should be.  Please stand by...


  1. Layout looks pretty weird with mozilla. Title and first line of post are where they should, but rest of the post is after the left side column.

  2. That's because the URL on the next line is very long. Mozilla doesn't break lines mid-word. It moved the line to the widest available area on the page. (Unfortunately, the line still ends up too long to fit.) There is a non-breaking space between "here," and the URL.

    Internet Explorer does the same thing, although the page needs to be narrower before the problem manifests itself since IE will break the long URL at the question mark and at the hyphen.

  3. Why not use Tinyurl ?

  4. After installed Visual C# express beta (come with .NET framework 2.0 beta), my Delphi 8 complains about something similar to "borland.vcl.system.TDatetime not compatible with borland.vcl.system.TDatetime". Oops. I have to walk around such problems by rewritting my VCL related code in .NET framework code. I guess it occurs because VCL classes lack of strong naming?

  5. I was having this problem, so I uninstalled all versions of the .NET Framework and the .NET Framework SDK from my system, and then reinstalled them from the Delphi 8 discs, and everything is working again.

  6. OK - I'm curious about this link thing. Why not say something like :

    ... the newly released .NET 1.1 SP1 found

    <A HREF="">here</A>, is causing some folks ....

    In other words, don't post the link just make a hyperlink out of one of the words. Those wanting to see the full URL can do so in by putting their pointer on the link.

    Sorry - I'm probably wasting bandwidth discussing a triviality here - I was just wondering if I'd missed anything <g>

  7. Michael%20Grant PerrySeptember 6, 2004 at 10:05 AM

    I installed the .Net 2.0 Beta Framework (for a look) and have run into problems with my Delphi 8.

    Fatal Error: Unit Borland.Delphi.System was compiled with a different

    version of System.Diagnostic.Process.

    Fatal Error: Never-build package 'Borland.Delphi.System' must be

    recompiled." - suggests manually recompiling.

    What is totally confusing is that my coworker Max also has .NET 2.0 Beta and 1.1 .Net loaded and it doesn't affect his Delphi 8? We have both looked at it and can't see anything different.


  8. Actually, Derek isn't wasting bandwidth at all,

    and he has a very good suggestion. At work,

    we're blocked from all sites using redirection,

    so I'll never find out where that link points

    or how to get there.

    Not that I would deliberately want to install

    something which messes up my Delphi 8...

  9. Since I was intending to upgrade my main drive (had a 200GB lying around), I started with the clean drive and reinstalled everything lastnight. Problem, it appears that SP4 for Windows 2000 also includes the .Net Service Packs, and the Borland when reloaded does not work. Max, my coworker has the 2.0 beta .Net loaded and no problems, but he has 2 .Net SP's listing to download from the windows updates which he isn't prepared to download currently.

    I had presumed that it was my download of the 2.0 Beta .Net, but it now appears it has nothing to do with this, and is more likely to be the SP for .Net 1.0 or .Net 1.1 and SP4 for Windows 2000 from Microsoft (which contains a .Net SP). On the reinstall, the Delphi failed to run correctly after SP4 for Windows, and before the SP's for .Net. It still fails to run correctly after the .Net SP's. I will use the (disliked) XP machine for my Delphi work till this is sorted


  10. Something you might find of interest,

    After installing the .net framework SP1 I began receiving some “Unable to find package ‘$Borland”, but when going to project/build I receive the same error Michael did, “Borland.delphi.system was compiled with a different version of system.diagnostic.process”

    The twist –

    After reinstalling Delphi 8 all problems seem to be resolved.. I applied the Delphi 8 SP2 Update, and began receiving the errors again. So I once again reinstalled, and without D8 SP2 installed everything works fine.

  11. Grant: In order to link against the .NET 2.0 beta platform, you must use the dccil --clrVersion command line switch, and you must rebuild the RTL and everything else to target the 2.0 platform. You cannot mix 1.1 and 2.0 symbols.

  12. Alec Yu: See my reply to Grant. You must rebuild the Delphi RTL to target a different .NET platform. .NET 2.0 beta is very different from .NET 1.1.

  13. Danny Thorpe wrote:

    ... you must use the dccil --clrVersion command line switch, and you must rebuild the RTL and everything else to target the platform...

    How does one do this? what program is used? Could someone please explain as I have never used the command line for Delphi, and the Delphi help nolonger covers the command line interface.

    I suspect that Delphi may have minor problems with any .Net changes, so knowing how to rebuild the RTL could be a good solution.

    Many thanks for the help.


  14. I have been fishing since my last post. I now know that the 'dccil' can be used to recompile the rtl, and that some Delphi users have a 'rebuild.bat' file in their install which does this.

    I do not have this file. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this rebuild.bat file?


  15. Delphi copies some of the System...dcuil files into your project.

    These have to be removed.

    Even all project references.

    Sometimes the references have to be removed from the bdsproj-file manually.

    After this a full rebuild of the project works again.

  16. I tried some further dabbling. I have Windows XP and 2000 machines both with .Net 1.1 (no .NET SP's) and Delphi 8 with Update #2 - everything runs fine.

    I have my newly formatted 2000 machine which has .Net 1.1 SP's which cannot run Delphi 8 with Update #2 (Like Haze above) and when I try playing around with the dcuil and dccil files I seam to do as much damage as good (like a amateur butcher doing surgery).

    I did find that previous installs of Delphi left some files in the 'Documents and Settings/user/local settings' and 'my documents' folders (presume that my documents is the default place chosen by Delphi to start projects). While these files are present, no Delphi 8 installation worked for me. When these files are removed, Delphi 8 works but Delphi 8 with Update #2 does not.

    At least I have something working now.

  17. The problem is that the Borland assemblies are compiled in a previous version of .net, When doing a “Run” you see “Package $Borland’ not found, but if you do Project/Bild you see the exact error.

    Solution –

    Backup your lib folder (Program files\bds\2.0\lib)

    Do a search (Limit search to same location)

    Your search parameters will be (*.dcuil)

    Delete all files that search returns

    Launch Cmd Prompt (start/run “cmd”)

    CD to Program Files\Borland\BDS\2.0\Source

    Then just type “Make” in console

    All .dcuil will be rebuilt with new .net SP1 and Delphi with Update 2 will also work.

  18. Thanks HaZe, now that is something I understand.

    I did as you suggested but deleting the *.dcuil files did not work, so I also deleted the *.dcpil (also recompiled by the "Make" command?).

    Now I have the .Net SP's and Delphi 8 update 2 all running together. I just need a couple of imported (c#) files recompiled to match ... That is what I have Max(coworker) for ...

  19. You will have to delete all the dcuil files, then recompile using “make” command (You must be in “C:\ Program Files\Borland\BDS\2.0\Source” directory) This recompiles all the Borland files with the .net version you currently have installed (Fixing the compatibility issue).

  20. I'm also trying to recover D8 (Update 2) under Win XP SP2 with .Net 1.1 SP1, so far without success.

    Deleting the DCUIL and DCPIL files from BDS\2.0\lib and then running make from BDS\2.0\Source results in a whole lot of warning messages and one error:


    Error: File not found: 'System.EnterpriseServices.Thunk.dll'

    (The log is 538 Kib!)

    It seems to have fixed D8. My project now gives me an "internal error", however, so I'm forced to recreate it by copying, pasting and toggling between the projects...Ugh.

  21. Daniel,

    Delete the .dcuil files from your project and recompile... also make sure to update all the resources in your project ;)

  22. Tried it on my XP machine (running Delphi 8 update 2).

    With no 1.1 .Net SP 1, Delphi works properly.

    Download 1.1 .Net SP 1.

    Delphi doesn't run properly.

    Deleted the dcuil files under the 'lib' directory, and all dcuil and dcpil in the project directory. run 'make' from the command line in the source directory.

    Still Delphi doesn't run.

    Deleted the dcpil and dcpuil files under the 'lib' directory, and all dcuil and dcpil in the project directory. run 'make' from the command line in the source directory.

    Delphi runs.

    Now I have all the computers (2000 & XP) running Delphi 8 update 2 with .Net 1.1 SP 1.

    I also had an internal error when Delphi was running again for an existing project (imports .Net c# dll files). I made a new project, added all the files to the new project and it works fine. I tried updating the references in the old project and it still had internal errors, I couldm't find why so left it alone.

  23. The rebuild approach described earlier is not satisfactory. The lib count of DCUIL/DCPIL files changes from 310 to 249, and the lib\debug files are NOT rebuilt.

    In addition, and more importantly, System.EnterpriseServices.Thunk.dll is not found and causes a lone error in the rebuild. We are also warned that Borland.Vcl.Design.ActnRes.dfm could not be found.

    Here is a better course of action:

    1) Add C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 to the PATH so System.EnterpriseServices.Thunk.dll can be found.

    2) Copy the Borland.Vcl.Design.ActnRes.dfm file from lib to source\vcl

    3) From C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\2.0\Source, run "make clean"; the lib count of of DCUIL/DCPIL files should drop from 310 to 63, the lib\debug count from 295 to 27.

    4) Still in Source, run "make debug"; the lib count won't change, but lib\debug will grow to 261.

    5) Still in Source, run "make rebuild"; the lib count grows to 297, lib\debug count is unchanged.

    6) Optionally, remove C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 from the PATH.

    This gets rid of the error and some of the missing file warnings, and results in a greater proportion of rebuilt files.

    Anyone know where the Source\IndyNet\IconsDotNet\*.BMP files are? This is the one series of Warnings I can't fix yet...Although the Indy controls don't seem to mind (the missing BMPs are probably lying around in some resource or DLL file).

  24. Is anyone else having problems with web controls.

    Namely, "[Fatal Error] WebControlLibrary1.dpk(32): Internal error: U1590" when I try to build a library. And, if I remove Borland.Delphi, "[Fatal Error] Could not import package 'XLibrary' because it contains system unit 'Borland.Delphi.System'" when I try to compile it in a web app.


  25. The RichText Sample still works with D8SP2...don't know why.

  26. The quick workaround fix for D8 is getting a bit annoying by now. Whats the time limit for an acceptable fix? A month has gone by now, and nothing has been released from Borland.. (Not even we are sorry and don't know what to do.. ;-) )

    Is this what we can expect from Borland in the future? Wait for the customers to fix the problem, and then when it has been developed and tested it can be included in the next update, whenever that is..

    D8 has been slow, unstable and buggy right from the start.. (.. Even the install program fails, if the second CD drive is selected..).

    Update 2 makes it useable but not acceptable. The .NET 1.1 SP1 takes it all away once again. When will we get a (near) stable development environment? Is this the end of Delphi? Who wants to use a tool that are so far behind. Come on Borland! Don't make us surrender completely to M$ yet..

  27. Rasmus:

    Uh... haven't you been reading some of the subsequent posts? We're working on a fix, and as I explained, the worse thing that we could do is to rush a fix out the door and risk making the situation worse. The dicey issue is that we want to try and release a fix that will not cause a breaking DCUIL/DCPIL change.

  28. I had the same problem as Chris (U1590). I uninstalled all applications and reinstalled them back. Then, I installed D8 and Update 2, without .Net 1.1 SP1.

    I can compile assemblies, but I can't still include them into WinForms projects (because of Delphi.System problem). I tried to use packages, but they don't compile (due to 'never-build' packaged problem).

    I'm getting more nervous I've started to lear C# now...

  29. P.S.

    I tried Daniel U. Thibault's solution. Everything was recompiled. After creating a new package and trying to compile it without any units, I receive the "Internal error: U1590". God dammed... How can we work with it? I can't do my job since a week or more...

  30. Have you folks not read some of the subsequent blog entries? What about Danny's blog entries on this subject? We are working on a fix as I write. This was not a trivial breakage and is requiring a non-trivial fix. Also, as I stated in another blog entry, we also don't want to simply rush a fix out the door an risk making the situation much worse. I'm really sorry that you're having trouble with this, but the absolute best solution at this point is to try and uninstall .NET 1.1 SP1. Again, I appologize for this and we'll have something as soon as we absolutely can.

  31. Friedhelm DrecktrahOctober 1, 2004 at 7:41 AM

    Well... I think C# might be the better choice, you don't have these problems there...

  32. Hi Guys! Please help me with Delphi 8. I got an error message when I wanted to run a web aplication: "Unable to attach to ASP.NET worker process aspnet_wp.exe . :( Can someone help me to get the Delphi running? Thanks!

  33. Ok i have installed Delphi 8 Architect Trail version. Now i want to test the programm, but i have the "SP-Problem"!

    First where can i check that i'va really installed this SP for Framework? Would it be enough to uninstall it? How?

    I also tried the tips here, but i have no $BDS\2.0\Source dir????? So i can't recompile?

    In the Installer is checked to the box for the Source???

  34. The source directory is only available when you buy Delphi 8 Architect.

  35. Regarding Marek Lemanczyk's U1590 problem: did you create the package from zero, or from a project that pre-existed the rebuild?

    During this D8 vs .Net saga, I repeatedly ran into a similar problem with pre-extant projects: they wouldn't work. The solution was to create a new project and import the old project's forms into it (and then fix a few remaining things in the project options). Something in the internals of the projects (I suspect the PDB file) does not port between "before" and "after".

    To test a rebuilt D8, compile and run a blank new VCL forms project. If that works, everything else should, I think...

  36. Mr. Daniel U. Thibault, I tried with a new package, but it doesn't work.

    I currently have another problem. I reinstalled my OS and installed D8 again. Everything was ok. Today I tried to install some critical and optional OS fixes. I created a rollback point and installed some SPs. I was carefull, to avoid .Net SP 1.1 installation. I unchecked it and've made it unvisible. I installed Polish language version for .Net, some other small fixes (KBxxx) and XP SP1.

    When all installations have been finished, D8 stopped working again... I rolled back my OS to the point, I have created before, but it doesn't help. I think, that I wan't use any SPs, until a new Delphi version comes... Does anyone has any ideas what should I make now? Is the OS reinstallation the only solution? I can't compile new (and probably old) packages again...

  37. Further comment on rebuilding. I've just had the "pleasure" of having to rebuild my system after a hard drive failure. .Net 1.1 SP 1 was actually installed *before* D8, but D8 nevertheless insisted on installing the .Net 1.1 SDK. No harm done, luckily.

    After going through the rebuild procedure, D8 does not work. Rebuilding a second time...was a enough to get it working. So, when it doubt, repeat the procedure?!

  38. I also just downloaded the Delphi 8 Architect trial and thus do not have the source dir to rebuild the libs. Does that mean that I must buy Delphi 8 before I try it out? Isn't there any other way to fix this problem, because I don't want to buy anything that I might not use in the end (so I want to try it out first).

  39. I've tried both HaZe and Daniel U. Thibault solutions and they worked well, except for "Oracle provider initialization failed." error while my application was trying to connect to the database.

    I've noticed that the files Borland.Data.*.dcpil weren't affected by the procedures described - I've deleted them but they weren't recreated by "Make" so I've copied them back from my lib directory backup.

    Can anybody help me?

  40. I have been a Delphi programmer since version 1 and always been a big pusher of using Delphi in any dev environment. Delphi 8 has killed that for me though. I am tired of losing code in the ASPX files. I did apply the temp fixes found at Dr Dobbs and it happens less now but still happens. I am also tired of these internal errors and regular crashes of Delphi. Before Delphi 8 I was using VS.NET and C# for my .NET dev. When D8 came out I naturally switched to me preferred dev language - but wish I had not.

    Does anyone know of any code convertor that can convert all my Delphi 8 code to C#? I am about done with Delphi.

  41. Don't flame me, I might be wrong. I'm just a Delphi user making an oppinion. As you may notice (earlier posts) - I got some Delphi working back in September, so I'm still working code. My "fix" isn't a solution as someone pointed out - I'm about 20 something files short, but it is not affecting my work, so I continue to use the fix.

    My understanding of the problem with the .Net 1.1 SP 1 is that microsoft have updated some old metadata token values without changing the version numbers. Delphi 8 goes 1 step further than everything else and checks version information while the microsoft products do not (so microsoft software has no problem).

    I don't know anyone who would make changes without incrementing their version control - yet this appears to be what microsoft has done. Microsoft will not issue another SP to fix this problem for Borland as it doesn't affect them, so they are probably smiling quietly. The new borland Delphi product (2005) has some very nice features - but is also affected by this .Net version control by microsoft. I think it is quite a job to have good version control inbedded in Delphi, and to then remove it as the team at borland must currently be doing. C# does have the problem - the new borland studio with C# / Delphi has this problem - it is a .Net problem, not a language problem - but it will be Borland who provides us with the solution. Us developers have tended to get a better run from Borland than Microsoft.

    Do people really want to use a development package where the software providers will do things like the strange version control like Microsoft appears to have done in the .Net 1.1 SP 1? Or the Microsoft solution to networking problems with win98 "do not use in a netware enviroment" type thing.

  42. When I last said D8 was working, well, I was lying without knowing it. Turns out D8 dies as soon as I try changing anything in the project. A blank VCL form compiles and runs, but dies as soon as I add any control on it. My existing app runs, but I don't dare change it.

    When is Borland gonna fix this?!?!

  43. I got an email on 16/11 from Borland - the opportunity to buy Delphi 2005. I had read that this was previously affected by the .Net SP problem - so I assume that it has now been sorted with this product. Given my 2 licenses, thats just over $5000 US to update - with the discounted prices.

    I now presume that borland will either work more on a solution for Delphi 8 .Net SP, or hope everyone updates to Delphi 2005? Which way they will go?

  44. Is someone still reading this?
    I'm still using Delphi 8 and this problem seems to still exist.

    3 years and no fix?

    Do you really expect users of the software to have to buy a new version to be able to develop applications?


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