Sunday, September 12, 2004

Nick's Preconference Tutorial - Live

I'm sitting here in Nick Hodges' Preconference tutorial on Creating Custom ASP.NET Components in Delphi.  Nick is a very engaging presenter (somewhat of an odd statement since I am sitting here writing about his talk ;-).  Since I don't work directly with the ASP.NET stuff on a daily basis, I figured I could probably learn a thing or two.  So far Nick is able to draw some keen analogies to how the traditional Delphi developer can view custom component construction for ASP.NET.  The guts of ASP.NET component creation is quite complex, but Nick is able to break it down so that you're not overwhelmed with that complexity.  Good job, Nick!

Now for the obligatory Diamondback plug ;-).  Nick is using Diamondback in his presentation and so far I've only seen one case where he's had to restart the IDE, and one other case of an error dialog.  And he's almost done with the tutorial.  With four hours of heavy IDE usage, add in the attacking demo gremlins, it seems to be holding up quite well.

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