Monday, July 6, 2009

One Year In.

Now that we’re officially one year into the whole transition from being part of Borland and now part of Embarcadero Technologies, I figure it is now safe to show this. When the CodeGear segment of Borland was announced, we scrambled to produce the ever-important t-shirts and other CodeGear branded items. Since the intent was to clearly indicate that CodeGear was from Borland, we came up with a tagline. The official tagline was “CodeGear: A new company born of Borland”
Nice clean message. Clear marketing. However, I wanted to put my own slant on this. So I fired up my wife’s really nice computer controlled embroidery sewing machine and prototyped my own version of the new CodeGear logo. I even have a shirt with this embroidered on it.

I think this expresses my true feeling about the state of developer tools under the tutelage of Borland. Given the state Borland is currently in, I think we came out ahead in the game, no?