Thursday, March 15, 2007

Seventy Five Point Seven Million Dollars in 2006

“Borland Reports CodeGear Sales As 'CodeRage' Rally Rolls“

I certainly don't feel 'beleaguered'!  As a matter of fact, $75.7M dollars is pretty darn good. What is funny is that throughout all the divestiture proceedings last year there were a lot of the “arm-chair quarterbacks” out there “speculating” on the Developer Tools Group, now CodeGear's revenue.  The amazing low-ball numbers I saw these folks bantering around like $15M, $20M, some even went as high as $50M.  Nobody could say anything to confirm or deny any of that wild speculation out there, and it was so frustrating to not be able to just say, “you're all way too low here.”  Now that it's public and the cat is out of the bag and we can can finally talk about it.  Of course we can't be more specific about the breakdown of that number, but I can say that a huge amount of painstaking effort went into properly separating out those numbers from the rest of Borland's financials.  Since the Developer Tools Group has been such an integral part of the Borland business for so long, its understandable that yanking out numbers will take a lot of work and time.

I also really enjoyed reading Cass McNutt's opinion of the CodeRage online conference.  Even though we got off to a “bandwidth challenged” start, Cass' graciousness and patience was greatly appreciated.  David I's team should be commended for all the hard effort they put into pulling this conference off.  I suspect that if you ask Christine Ellis, our CodeGear Technology Partner coordinator and conference organizer extraorninaire, she'd probably say this was about as difficult to do as a live conference would have been.  I know that they certainly worked similar hours as if it'd been a live conference!

So if $75.7M is what we do when we're “beleaguered,” just imagine how well we'll do in 2007!  Delphi 2007 for Win32 is imminent, Delphi for PHP is almost out of the oven... and I wonder why CodeRage had a couple of sessions about Ruby on Rails?

Well, gotta go check the latest Spacely build... it's so close I can taste it!


  1. Somewhat OptimisticMarch 16, 2007 at 7:50 AM

    While that should be exciting news, gross receipts mean very little. What was your net profit on that 75.6M? For example: Look at GM or Ford's gross revenues vs.'s not a pretty picture.

    If your operational expenses plus one time charges are less than your gross income then you indeed do have a strong position for 2007.

    If you lost money last year then things aren't so peachy.

    Still...I might be tempted to purchase a "Delphi for Ruby" environment ;-)

  2. Mr. Optimistic,

    While I cannot comment on the specifics regarding operational income, I will encourage you to look at the fact that we have a lot of openings for new hires both here in Scotts Valley and other places in the world. Not many companies that are upside-down are looking to expand. Usually it is the opposite case where expenses are being brought in line with revenues.


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