Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When it is ready.

The following is a editorialized quote from Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO;  As we've been wrestling all those last minute details to the ground, and getting far less sleep than we should, Ben stopped by my office the other day.  It was a short conversation since I was in the midst of tackling the issue du jour, but the overall jist of the conversation went kind of like this:

Ben: “So are we going to ship Spacely? How's the quality looking?” 
Me, with my all-too-often habit of being brutally honest: “Well, we're having a few last minute glitches with some of the file deliveries and installer scripts we're trying to get ironed out.  It's going to be very tight, but I think we can make it.  The product itself is solid and quick”
Ben: “You know that this product has got to get released soon, but I don't want to ship something we're not proud of.  Just make sure it is right.”

Some would say that this is so far out of the norm for many of the past Borland CEOs, that they may find it hard to believe that this actually was the conversation I had.  Quite refreshing, actually.

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  1. My (imaginary - not so serious) point of view as a C++Builder developer:

    As Delphi-Versions have always been released before their C++Builder counterparts, I have learned to accept the Delphi releases thinking about a kind of beta product for the upcoming C++Builder edition.

    From this point of view I like early Delphi releases no matter how stable they are.


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