Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well here it is, another Saturday and I'm sitting at my desk waiting for the latest build bits so I can do some testing on patching, updating, installing, etc..  One thing we've added to the upcoming Delphi 2007 release is a new “Check for updates” process.  No longer will you have to always keep up on reading the newsgroups, blogs, the CodeGear website (although it's great that many of you do), you'll be able to simple launch the IDE and if there is an update available you'll be told about it.  You will also be able to manually check using a shortcut from the Start Menu (on XP) or that little circled flag button thingy (on Vista... what ever it is).  As shocking as it may sound, there are many of our customers that simply don't puruse the newsgroups, blogs, and other Delphi or CodeGear related sites.  This will be a way for us to connect with them and make sure we're keeping their Delphi experience the most up-to-date and the best it can be.

I like to think of this update system as similar to purchasing an insurance policy.  Nobody ever hopes to have to use it, but it is comforting to know that it is there in case that 5 pound meteor come crashing through your roof, or that bright bulb in the car beside you decides he absolutely must be where you are...  Just like you never plan on making a claim against your insurance policy, we do not actually plan on using the auto-updates (well.. almost ;-).

Once I am able to actually come back to the surface and think about something other than “ship the product, ship the product, ship the product,” I'll have to answer the tag from Ben Smith enumerating 5 things I like about Delphi.  I doubt it'll be a list of top fives... but rather simply a list of the top five that popped into my head at the time.  I also see that Ben mentioned our little brief conversation the other day...  We're close to the finish line folks.  Time for that last burst of energy for the final sprint.


  1. In case anyone cares... "that little circled flag button thingy" in Vista.. I'ce seen it documented as the "Orb" - don't know if I spelled this right, however.

  2. Ship it when it is ready - not before :)

  3. When will c#2007builder shipped?


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