Sunday, March 4, 2007

Beta blogging

I'm sure by now many of you have seen some of the various references to a new unprecidented program called “BetaBloggers.”  Usually when we conduct a field-test it is under strict non-disclosure where those that participate agree to not discuss the content of the program or even reveal that they are even involved.  However, in keeping with CodeGear becoming more involved with those ongoing public conversations we've initiated this program by releasing some of our field-testers from their NDA and allow them to talk openly about project Spacely, which is the upcoming Delphi 2007 release.  Here are some links to many of them:

Hallvard Vassbotn - long time Delphi user and all-around smart guy.
Jacob Thurman - Of Castilia fame.
Jan Goyvaerts - A few nice words.
Primoz Gabrijelcic - Really likes our integration with MSBuild.
Holger Flick - On the new Windows Vista support in VCL.
Marco Zehe - Blind programmer excited about increased accessibility support.
Andrew Raimodi - All over the map, from DBX 4 to better performace and stability.
Jeremy North - Specific information about the new GlassFrame propery on TCustomForm.
David Clegg - Some great information on the help system improvements.

Delphi 2007 is poised to be an excellent release.  Don't take my word for it, just look at what these folks are saying.  This is going to be the “must-have” release for Delphi.


  1. You forgot :-

    David Clegg - Really likes the new Help System

  2. It is a positive step forward. I found that the mob-style code of silence was just a little too much over the top here.

    We aren't talking about state secrets after all. In fact, CodeGear would benefit from a fully open beta program where everyone could freely discuss what is going on.

    Too often, NDAs like this are used to hide problems rather than product any real innovation. Admitting that a beta had long standing reported problems that didn't get fixed in the release is embarassing, and yes, people saying a beta is garbage can be bad, and you definitely don't want people admitting that the betas were more stable than the final release.

    That said, if the process had been more open, we would have never seen disasters like Delphi 4. Borland wouldn't have been able to spring a load of crap like that on an unsuspecting public. Trying to enforce NDAs that severe in today's day and age just looks like more of the same.

    And everyone wants to avoid that, I'm sure.

  3. Just for the record, I think that most Delphi folk are really interested in pulling for the product. The big, corporate Borland was never able to develop the kahones to get "out there". I know that the comments are brutal sometimes, but that's really good for Delphi in the long run. You know that some of the releases were stinkers, and I can smell the new focus on excellence at CodeGear. Those who can produce the goods, have nothing to fear. You just need to realize (as I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir) that bravado, boldness, and excellence are the credos of the developer. We hate the corporate krap, and expect better than that from you. I think that you have proven in this beta that you can trust most developers to be honest about their experience. Continue to lean ever more forward, and I think that the world will be surprised at the little company that could. Their's gold in your history that Borland never was able to realize. Still, I get the feeling that the best is yet to come....

  4. "Delphi 2007 is poised to be an excellent release."

    The impression I got so far that Delphi 2007 was going to be one serious flop.

    Not much in the way of changes with a huge price tag.

  5. Pete,

    Have you actually had a chance to work with it? I remember the same exact thing being said about many of Delphi's most successful releases. Ultimately, however, if you don't find anything in this release that helps you, that is of course your opinion.

  6. Allen, I read the descriptions of what would be in Delphi 2007. That's what I've based my opinion on.

    If a trial version ever appears, I'll try it, but after burning my fingers with Delphi 2005, 2006, I doubt I'll be buying again unless there's a significant change.

  7. Impatient Delphi LoyalistMarch 6, 2007 at 12:25 AM

    I think what would have contributed to the greater success of the upcoming release of Delphi 2007 is if CodeGear priced Delphi at a more affordable price. It is still trying to compete at pricing points with VS. The fact is Delphi has lost out on market share and is no longer used in the corporate environment. If you want proof just look at jobs boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist. You will probably find only a single job opening looking for Delphi skills and that job happens to be a conversion project to C#. The fact is Delphi is being used by the individual, small developer shops out there. Developers who can do the job of 3 programmers combined. That is the target market.

    CodeGear should look at it this way. This is a new beginning. They need to recapture the attention of software developers out there by providing a great software development tool at a very affordable price where people both in the US, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Easter Europe can equally afford.

    It's better to sell 4 slices of a pie at $2 than to sell 2 slices of the same pie at $4 because aside from being able to sell other products/services that the customer might buy such as SA, those 4 mouths who have tasted the pie can spread the word faster than any 2 mouths could.


  8. It's not just my opinion.

    "Too little, too late, too expensive."

    "Sorry but Delphi 2007 seems like the most insignificant new Delphi release ever.

    The list of "new" features is enough to laugh at."

    "Unfortunately I have to agree with many people here. Delphi 2007 "new features" list is too small compared to its price (most of them are cosmetic changes)."

  9. Sorry, but after the dreadful D2005 and the so-so BDS2006 we will decide to buy D2007 - or more probably BDS2007 - only after hands-on experience on a trial version.

    Some carefully selected bloggers can't change it. I still remember some people saying D2005 was not buggy!

    I always bought Delphi as soon as a new version was announced - but I can't do no more.

    When a company has lost trust a name change is not enough to regain it. I really hope you CodeGear guys will be able to restore that trust - but until then we need to be cautious, and judge on the delivered product, not on promises.

    Hope a trial version will be available soon.

  10. Small company going to C#March 29, 2007 at 2:08 AM

    Again the price is just too prohibitive. My company has stuck at BDS2005. We are a small company and are now doing the next big version of our software product in C#. Delphi was better for a while - but now Microsoft have caught up. The days of blindly upgrading because the product version has been incremented are over.

    Give value for money and a compelling feature set and we might just buy it in the future.


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