Sunday, April 23, 2006

Still rolling along

Just an FYI for all the readers in the EMEA and APAC regions (that's Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific).  Long time BDS/JBuilder/InterBase supporters Malcolm Groves (APAC) and Jason Vokes (EMEA) have now been confirmed as being firmly in the "DevCo" camp!  As we move forward in creating this new venture, there will be more information about the folks comming online in this new venture.  So, welcome to the "DevCo" team, Malcolm and Jason!  As another bit of status, Steve Shaughnessy will be starting sometime next week.


  1. That is great news, and I'm sure both Malcolm and Jason will be excellent assets to the DevCo team.

    I met Malcolm at an ECO presentation he gave in Auckland NZ. He was an excellent speaker who seemed to really know his craft, and had a real passion for the technologies he was showcasing. Oh, and the free Delphi T-shirt he sent me didn't hurt his standing in my mind either. :-)

  2. Oh no, you've caught onto my secret plan domination via free Delphi tshirts ;-)

    Massively pleased and excited to be part of DevCo. A whole bunch of reasons I'm excited of course, but a big reason is that I've never seen such a passionate group of people. The guys in the region who are onboard, the guys back in the US, basically to the last person are more excited, more driven and importantly, having more fun than I've seen in a long time. With this much passion and excitement internally, we can do amazing things.

    Roll on Devco!

  3. Whenever Mal gets excited by something, a new technology, a new tool, a new release, whatever, I know I should pay attention.

    Having Mal at DevCo really makes me even more positive about the future of my favourite tools.

    (I hope some more statements like that get me a t-shirt one day...)

    cheers, Dick

  4. Mal, is so far "the most passionate Delphi guy" form Borland who visited our country, the Philippines (and I hope there would be more from the new DevCo). With him on DevCo onboard, it makes me even more to think that DevCo will have more "passionate guy" than ever.

    and by the way, I didn't get Tshirt from him :( .


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