Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gaining momentum...

Even though there's not much to talk about on the business side of the spin-out plans, there's stuff to talk about on the “DevCo” product/team front.

For the Delphi/C++Builder/JBuilder faithful out there, I'd like to announce some very exciting news.  In this post, I'd mentioned that we just had a new compiler engineer join the team.  This person is working out very well.  What is also really exciting is that yesterday, a former Borland employee just accepted a position on the team as the new database/connectivity technology architect.  Some of you may have heard of this person since he was the main driving force behind the stand-alone, SQL-92 compliant, fully managed code, JDataStore (and the tech preview NDataStore for .NET). 

Steve Shaughnessy comes on board with a significant pedigree of having worked on many successful products.  Steve joined Borland in 1988 and worked on the Paradox DOS team.  Later, Steve moved to a research project called ICE along with several other Paradox team members.  In the mid 90s, there was a new startup project called Latte whose goal was to create an IDE and framework around the coming Java wave.  During Steve's involvement with what was to become JBuilder (which, BTW, the JBuilder 1-3 IDE was based on the Delphi IDE), he and another engineer created this interesting little stand-alone SQL-92 compliant embedded Java database called JDataStore.  As the success of JBuilder and JDataStore grew, JDataStore was spun out of the JBuilder group into the database group alongside InterBase.  While in this group, .NET was becoming a force in the market, so Steve and his colleague were able to move the JDataStore technology into .NET  (The details by which they did this is the subject of another blog post and one I'll encourage Steve himself to expand upon).  This NDataStore (for lack of a better name) technology was demonstrated at the 2004 BorCon in San Jose.  In mid 2005, Steve decided to leave Borland after nearly 17 years.  After the announcement that Borland was going to spin-off the IDE and database groups into a separate company, we started talking with several former Borland employees that had left to pursue other opportunities.  Steve Shaughnessy quickly made it onto our “short list.”  Steve is held in high regard among the members of the Delphi/C++Builder, JBuilder, and InterBase teams.  Universally, when we mention Steve to folks who have had a chance to work or interact with him they have nothing but good things to say.  When I announced this to the team earlier today, a spontaneous applause errupted in the room!

So, Steve, welcome to the team!  In some ways this is starting to be the “DevCo” equivalent of “Hey! We're getting the band back together!”  Once I get his permission, I'd also like to introduce our new compiler engineer.