Saturday, April 1, 2006

"DevCo" - 1 year after spin out announcement...

It's been a really tough week.  We're still having meetings about the financial models and the details therein.  Here's a quick recap of this week's business;

  • Monday:  We got word this morning that Borland was going to retain all rights to “TObject!”  This was a major blow to the process.
  • Tuesday:  This meeting centered around determining the incremental costs of each reference to “TObject” in the Delphi sources.  Man... that was brutal!
  • Wednesday: Once we came to agreement on Tuesday about TObject, our focus moved on to IInterface.  The tricky issue here was having to split out the sources between Win32 and .NET.  We also then realized that our estimates for Tuesday were off because of the same issue.  TObject = System.Object in .NET so we can't count that!  I mean we'd be licensing a bunch of stuff we already license from Microsoft!  Back to the drawing board...
  • Thursday: Board meeting.  The board hammered the leadership team on why we haven't determined what brand of soft-drinks with which to fill the vending machines when the deal closes.  We had to stand our ground on this one which caused a few moments of tension.  We had to explain that we're still doing taste tests among all members of the teams.  There's been a few vacations we're having to work around.  After that we went into the issue surrounding “TObject.“  We tried to explain that we didn't understand what value that had to the Borland business going forward.  Finally, Tod Nielsen slammed his elbow on the table and exclaimed, “Arm wrestle you for it!“
  • Friday: Good news!  After claiming victory on Thursday for obtaining the rights to “TObject,“  we were able to hold our regular Friday all-hands status meeting with all the Scotts Valley “DevCo“ employees and announce that we now have “TObject!“  The room errupted in cheers!  There were even a few tears shed.  Earlier in the day several members of the leadership team met with “financial broker who shall not be named that was already named“ to begin scoping the costs around the trademarks “Webvolutionaries“ and “Living La Vida Linux.“

Overall I think this week ended on a high note.  There certainly were some tense and grueling moments.  Coming up, Nigel is going to be in Scotts Valley next week were we can really begin to plan and scope the upcoming Don Johnson Look-Alike Contest slated for the end of April.