Tuesday, April 18, 2006

BDS2006 Update #2 - English

Now available for all registered users of BDS 2006.  This is a patch that will install on either the initial released version or the C++Builder update version.  Come and get it.



  1. Magnus Flysj√∂April 18, 2006 at 8:56 AM

    Wonderful news!

    BDS2006 is far more stable then BDS2005, but there was some ugly stuff in 2006 as well. Hopefully most of the nasty AV's are long gone now :) Good work guys!

  2. Nice.

    Allen, why the IDE does not show all possible parameter combinations for overloaded methods? For example, if I type 'String.Format(' code insight will display only one set of parameters, [string format, object Arg0].

    BDS 2005 will display 5 possible parameter combinations. For those who rely on the IDE to help write the code, this is not helping at all.

    Also, under Tools-Options-Code Insight, the Source file type is still listed as 'Pascal'. I thought it should be 'Delphi'. :-)

  3. Have anything been done to speed up design and source switching? Rumors on the forum is that this is just as slow as before the update. I'll check out the update next week. Still can't see any of my 26 open QC reports closed after the update.

  4. Where is the list of resolved defects?

    The page you refer to http://bdn.borland.com/article/0,1410,33463,00.html">http://bdn.borland.com/article/0,1410,33463,00.html just refers back to it self:


    To view the list of resolved defects for Borland Developer Studio 2006, Update 2, go to the following website: http://bdn.borland.com/article/0,1410,33463,00.html">http://bdn.borland.com/article/0,1410,33463,00.html.


  5. Lasse,

    The link in the article works for me. There are more reports now than when the update was first published, too. Probably from internal reports that are being published and/or people reporting other issues that have been fixed. Sweet!


  6. AWESOME work guys. Lots of annoyances are gone now, and the BDS ide appears more snappy (responsive), and less glitchy. Many many times when the screen had been half-painted in some weird state of crappiness are now gone. The whole docked-IDE thing is starting to look to me like a mature thing.


  7. hi. i tried the update, and got an "Interface not supported" error when i tried to use it. then, i got a wizard to (supposedly) report the problem. but the wizard crashed with an AV in 'cobugcgi.exe' so i did not get to send in a report. when is update 3 due?

  8. Hi Allen,

    please fix that in SP3:


  9. re my earlier note about the error-reporting wizard crashing with an AV. i've had subsequent opportunities to try out more of its options, and i found that it did not crash the time that i elected to submit the report anonymously.

  10. 1. I have installed and testd BDS 2006 onto Windows 7(64). 2. I was unable to find article 0,1410,33463,00.html
    which lists all the updates, (link is dead).
    3. If I can get XE3 for Delphi/C++Builder, I won't need BDS2006, but no one (legit) offers it


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