Friday, March 4, 2005

People you meet...

Today we had a little internal party around lunch time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of Delphi.  Several of the execs showed up to lend their support.  In fact, the VP of development pitched in some real coin to buy some cool raffle prizes.  I think we gave away about four iPod minis and four 20GB iPods.  Thanks Boz!  We had a pretty decent lunch and some folks got to talk about all the early days of Delphi.  It was a lot of fun.  I was roped into helping draw names for the raffle prizes along with some really new guy.

Well it turns out that this “really new guy” is a new hire on the marketing team dedicated to Delphi!  I could hardly contain my surprise when the words “marketing” and “Delphi” were mixed in the same sentence!  So please, please, don't scare this guy off ;-)..  He's very energetic and excited about working on Delphi marketing.  In the short period of time we were able to talk he was already floating some pretty crazy ideas.  Crazy is good.  These kinds of ideas are the catalysts needed to actually begin mining the real ideas.  To preserve his identitiy right now, I'll refrain from mentioning him by name... hopefully you'll get to find out soon since he's already asked about where the blog servers are and who he can contact about getting an account.  So anyway... welcome to Borland, “really new guy!”



  1. Sounds good! Welcome "really new guy" and good luck!

  2. I had correspondence with 'really new guy' before he became a Borland employee, and he is dedicated, enthusiastic about what he does, and persistent. Exactly what we need for someone in marketing. I hope you all like him.


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