Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BorCon 2005 dates and location finally announced...

Christine Ellis, posted the following to the borland.public.conference newsgroup:

So, here it is.....

*2005 Borland Conference*
*November 6-10, 2005*
*San Francisco, California*

For 15 years the annual Borland Conference has been the premier event
for technical education and has built a solid reputation as one of the
most informative technical conferences in the industry. This year marks
a new era for BorCon as we transform the Conference to focus on the
challenges that "*developers" *face in our ever changing market.

The Call for Papers will likely be published by the end of this week.
 Stay tuned at http://info.borland.com/conf2005 (this URL will change in
the next couple of weeks, too).

Thanks to everyone for being so patient and waiting for this
information.  Some had it right on the nose.  We've been waiting to
complete contract negotiations before we could officially announce
anything.  Our apologies for the unexpected delays.


Trivia:  The 1st Borland Developers Conference (BDC back then) was held
in San Francisco in 1991.  Now as we transform this conference back into
a "developers" conference again, we'll return to San Francisco.  I can't
wait to see you all there!

Start making your plans now...


  1. Allen,

    I don't want to sound negative but I always thought of the Borcon as a developers conference. What is going to make this one any different from the other 14?

    -- Robert

  2. Robert,

    Yes, it has always been *at least* a developer's conference. However over the years it has been somewhat co-op'ed by some of the higher level corporate functions. If you remember, for the last few years, we've had "Management" tracks that were there to attract the CTO's, CIO's and dev managers to the conference.


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