Tuesday, March 8, 2005

More flying fur...

Here's another little tidbit of discontent.  Apparently the VB crowd is still totally irritated at what MS did to their favorite tool in the move over to .NET.  You can read about how the MS MVPs are revolting...  Robert Scoble also has a few words to say about it as well.   I suppose I could gloat here... nah... I'll let the Delphi crowd do that for me ;-)


  1. Recently there has been an article contradicting what you heard about x86-64 at IDF.

    Microsoft, Intel: The Time For 64-Bit is Now


    Intel Advances Its Cause


  2. on a slightly different topic, let me say that I feel that the VB.NET personality in Delphi2005 is currently not marketed enough. While it doesn´t have form designers (yet), it is actually quite nice to load, edit, compile, run and debug small .NET sample projects, and it is good enough that I as a Delphi developer don´t need to start a VS.NET instance to just look at a small VB.NET sample app.

    Still, this nice feature is mostly unknown to most Delphi2005 users.

  3. Basically, they are jealous about the fact that Delphi2005 supports both Win32 and .NET.

    I've ranted about Delphi2005 on my blog quite a bit, but for software houses with a lot of "old" stuff to support I can see that Delphi has a better strategy (one tool, both environments).

  4. x x,

    I never said that *Intel* wasn't harping on the 64bit story.. I was just commenting that an *independent* analyst was talking up the multicore as the hot item of the year.

  5. Being an x Microsoft techy between 1996 and 2003, I found it interesting that .net looked so much like the Delphi syntax fron its inception.

    btw, I purchased Delphi3 and got harrassed for trying to learn it by my manager. I didn't realize, of course, at the time, that my knowledge from what I learned from it would make learning .Net a walk in the park.

    I can well understand why many of you are in love with your product - 2005. Its impressive.

    It Blows up real nicely when I try doing reflection. I have to close the entire program down when it gets a null reference to a com object.

    Apparently, the Wbemdisp.tlb makes some rpc calls and I haven't put the time in yet to figure out

    Could never get the same to work in CBuilder6 either so I switched to the wbemcli.h instead of the wbemdips.h and it worked fine.

    Never could fine on anyone's site how to enumerate through the WMI properties so I worked it out on my own.

    Funny, the same exact code in all of the 2005 .Net products from Microsoft works perfectly fine.


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