Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Borland Marketing seen in the wild...

I was reading an article on eWeek about the whole VB.NET and MS MVP bruhaha... and I just happen to notice that the article was surrounded by an some ads from Borland about CaliberRM!  Oh and the irony of its positioning was not lost on me as well ;-)..  Here's a screen-shot because it probably will cycle to a different ad for many of you.


  1. Screen shot? Where?

  2. Hey, you are right, they do cycle the ads, I got it for StarTeam ;-)


  3. "Borland Marketing" and "wild". Now, those are two terms which I didn't expect to see in the same sentence ...

  4. Cool, you can also contact the people of Delphi Overdrive (converter from VB to Delphi) so they join and place add's in every article about the 100 crying MVP.

  5. I think it will be more useful if it show ads about Delphi for angery VB developers, you could gain alot of them ;-)

    Wake up Delphi's marketing team

  6. If you find a cure for that guy's other problem, let me know.



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