Tuesday, March 22, 2005

.NET 2.0 and slippery slopes..

Here are a couple of postings regarding the latest flurry of news surrounding the delay of .NET 2.0, VS2005, and Yukon:



What does this mean for Borland and the next release of Delphi?  Well... nothing official at this point.


  1. Allen, this post looks strange in Firefox -- there's a huge gap between your text and the URLs you posted.

  2. Craig,

    Really? I'm using Firefox right now and I'm seeing this at all.

  3. I really don't see this as that big of a deal. So they are slipping by a few months (1/2 year :-). The beta release of VS2005 will have a production ready license which tells me that it is almost complete but they need to work out some kinks that are fairly trivial but take time.

    Maybe Yukon is delaying things, maybe .NET 2.0 is ready but some of the visual studio designers aren't there 100%. Bugs in the design time experience are annoying yes but would not break anyone's code with a shipping version.

    I'll probably be working with VS2005 in May so these delays don't affect me much at all.

    -- Robert

  4. Robert,

    The "Go-Live" license does *not* extend to any other licensees of the .NET framework. So even though they are going to allow (in specific instances) the developers to deploy their applications on beta bits, they will *not* allow that developer to redeploy the beta bits. They *must* direct their customers to MS web-site and download it. I get the impression that the "GoLive" license is really only there for corporations that want to roll-out their new ASP.NET 2.0 web application. In those cases, redist'ing the framework is a moot point since they will only be deploying to servers they already own.

    This doesn't help Borland and Delphi at all since we'd have to tell the customers to go to MS site and download these bits... never mind that you just spent $2000 on this new Delphi..

  5. About FireFox not displying properly if you make the window smaller you'll see the (nasty) effect.


    About the MS delay, my impression is that this is will get things even more confusing as they are starting to distribute building blocks of the post-Longhorn stuff (avalon and all that), so you have 2.0 in beta (a few missing bits won't take many months, IMHO), Longhorn betas (probably very clsoe on the .net side) and post-longhorn betas all at once.

    This seems incredibly confusing even for developers, let's figure the situation with their clients.

    And I certainly don't envy Borland, which has to plan its own releases on top of MS ones without the ability to compete with "MS perpertual betas". Borland has customers complaining that Delphi 2005 doens't support .net 2.0, which will be ready almost one year after d2005, but I di understand them as it has been "around" for so long...

  6. I guess this problem is more related to Microsoft's recent ALM endeavour. VS 2005 is supposed to be integrated in their version of ALM and this was a new Requirement that severely impacted their scope... since their ALM is still in construction.

  7. Could this be related to Microsoft embracing Standards?

    VS2005 will be the first conforming implementation of several ECMA standards, including Common Language Infrastructure, C# and the C++/CLI binding. These standards cannot be ratified until the next ECMA ballot, due in September I believe.


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