Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The parents moved to Florida and left the house for the kids...

Well not really Florida, but Texas... and the parents have been out of this house for a while here in Scotts Valley... but I think the analogy is apropos.  What am I talking about?  In case you've not heard, Borland has decided to relocate their headquarters from Cupertino to Austin, Texas.  First of all, WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS TO RELOCATE CodeGear FROM SCOTTS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA.  Did you get that?  I hope that was as crystal clear as I could make it.  I know the conspiracy theorists will completely ignore that statement, but I just had to say it anyway.

One thing this change clearly highlights is the difference in priorities and directions that CodeGear is heading compared to Borland.  I had an informal meeting with Tod Nielsen last friday over a beer and we discussed the implications of this announcement.  At first I'd asked to meet with Tod since it had been over a year since our last one-on-one meeting and with all the changes over the last year, I wanted to just have a chance to clarify some things.  I figured what is better than shooting for the top.  We talked about the leadership change with bringing Jim Douglas in, about the product strategies and directions, how the development teams were doing and the impact of the Delphi 2007 release.

I had the whole weekend to think about the impact that this move will have on CodeGear.  Basically, it has little to no impact.  Nobody that works directly for CodeGear is impacted (ie. they're not moving to Austin).  We were already in different locations and, since the formation of CodeGear, have had no need to even visit the Cupertino facility.  When we did need to interact with the Borland folks, it was done via email or tele-conference.  There are still some shared services still in place, but we're on track to having those separated prior to the completion of the Austin move.  So, all-in-all, we're good.

With that out of the way, another point I'd like to mention is that I was pleased to hear Tod continue to express that he still believes in the CodeGear strategy and that creating this separation was the best move for the dev tools.  So CodeGear is looking after the parent's house here in Scotts Valley.