Friday, April 20, 2007

C++Builder field test now open...

Do you want to help test the next version of C++Builder?  If so, we need your feedback.  Go here to apply to be a C++Builder field-tester.


  1. I'm Korean.

    I am a programmer for KT(Korea Telecom).

    I want test C++ Builder for my business.

    my email is


  2. I'm Korean Progrrammer.

    I develope machine Program.

    I wish test C++ Builder for my work.

    E-mail :

    have a good day..

  3. Hello!

    I'm Korean. I have leave of absence from university and I do military service in my company as programmer.

    My Company make meteorological device. So, I use to develope PC program to communicate this device. C++ Builder is powerful to test, control, communicate, report, and process device and data. I really want to use and test new version.


  4. I hope x64 is in the works for C++ Builder.

  5. I filled out the application and was redirected to the purchase page for C++ 2006 so I'm not sure it worked correctly. Anyway, I would love to help test the next C++Builder (I currently use 2006). You can email me at dan at digital dominion dot com. Thanks


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