Friday, April 20, 2007

E-Staff dinner and oh the thoughts we think...

Evening dinners with colleagues and friends is always a great opportunity to just get to know each other and to more informally discuss some of the issues and concerns of the day.  Last night was such a dinner.  What made this dinner more special what that CodeGear advisor and former CEO, Ben Smith was present.  It is always great to hear his stories about different goings on in various sectors of Silicon Valley.  The best conversation was in the parking lot after the dinner where Ben, Michael and myself stood in the mild drizzle for nearly 30 minutes discussing things like Borland moving their HQ to Austin, blogging, team focus, and some various radical thoughts about Delphi and it's market.

Throughout the various conversations, I was reminded of how much we all think about the CodeGear business from such varying perspectives and insights.  It is always great to bounce ideas off other members of the team because they always put a new spin or insight on that thought.  Which is another point of this post.  What kinds of things do we think about all the time?  In no particular order or even priority; Win32/64, Aspects, Generics, Dynamic languages, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Rails, ASP.NET, .NET, Vista, MacOS, Linux, WinMobile, GC in Win32, Multi-Core, DirectX, XML, XAML... I think I could continue for several more paragraphs with just listing all the things that I and the rest of the team thinks about.  The number of technologies in the developer tools space is staggering, just as the number of developers out there continues to significantly grow, especially in various emerging markets such as Russia, India and China.

As CodeGear continues to charge ahead, you will start to see some actions taken surrounding some of the above items and even some I didn't.  I got various comments to my post about Borland moving its HQ to Austin saying that CodeGear can finally bring back the “old Borland.”  I agree that it would be nice since there is a lot of excellent things about those times.  However, what we are doing is have CodeGear define its own identity and culture.  Sure, we'll take a lot from the “glory days” of Borland,  but the developer and technology landscape has changed, so we also need to change.  I think we've got a good start and are continuing to refine and define things.

Oh, what were those radical thoughts about Delphi?  It's way too early to say.  I'll just say that we have radical and crazy thoughts all the time and some of them we actually take action on.  Delphi 2007 was one such thought only 5 months ago.