Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Now in Bangalore, India

I'll have to post some short video clips of my ride from lunch after meeting with a large Delphi shop.  The turn signal is so passe' while the horn is the main signaling device.  It's a good thing that traffic moves at a reasonably slow pace because with all that is going on, I can't imagine navigating the streets at anything more than 30mph...

I had a good meeting with some of the InDUG (India Delphi User's Group) folks.  Then a meeting with that large Delphi shop, as mentioned above.  Finally, I'll be finishing up the day with a couple of local press interviews.

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  1. Hi Allen

    Thanks for coming to India.

    I would also like to thank you & Malcolm for meeting us (ie the INDUG members.)

    While all the news that we heard during the meeting was not to my liking, I was really happy to know that CodeGear is finally evolving a strategy for India(this used to be my biggest grouse with Borland)

    There are a number of us who are ready to help ColdGear with its operations in India.(if CodeGear decide to involve us)

    I also would like to tell you that a new international airport will be operational in another 1 year in Bangalore

    GO CodeGear!GO!


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