Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The rumors are true...FastMM

There has been some speculation into the recent Delphi Roadmap announcements regarding the inclusion of FastMM4.  Some have speculated that this memory manager is only use for the IDE.  Well, that is simply not true.  FastMM4 is now the default memory manager in the Delphi RTL.  It wholly replaces the existing Delphi memory manager and will from now on be included in any Delphi Win32 application compiled with DeXter.  Yes, the IDE also uses this new memory manager and in fact, by simply replacing the memory manager in my informal tests I saw the IDE startup time drop from 25 seconds to 13 seconds... folks that is nearly a 50% increase in performance!

One thing to note about this move is that it highlights the unique relationship the Delphi Development team has with its customers.  There are very few products in almost any industry that has this strong of a community.  It is the commitment and tenacity of the Delphi community that helps make things like this happen.  So, be sure to support Pierre le Riche, the author of FastMM4, in his endeavours.  For my part, I'll be ensuring that he receives a complimentary copy of next version of Delphi... I'll also be looking into making sure he gets a copy of each version from now on as well.