Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fix for the Fix..

The ever present, Chee Wee Chua, reminded me of something that you may have already encountered with yesterday's fix.  Be sure you run sn -Vr on the Borland.Studio.Vcl.Design.dll assembly.  That will disable strong-name validation for that assembly so that it will load properly.  Thanks, Chee Wee! Duh!  If that doesn't fix it, you can simply not install the Borland.Studio.Vcl.Design.dll assembly until I can figure out how to get it strong-named... I guess I'll have to see about grabbing our strong name private key from the integration team.

Update:  I've now strong named the Borland.Studio.Vcl.Design.dll assembly and updated the file.  You'll need to re-download this file.

Udpate 2: There is now a CodeCentral entry that has these updates.  I'll probably be removing the files from in a few days in favor of using CodeCentral.

Update 3: Ok... for now, ignore the Borland.Studio.Vcl.Design.dll assembly until I can get the assembly version number garbledygook figured out.