Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Delphi 2005 Fix Roll-up... and then some.

OK, I admit, it was getting a little unwieldy; Pushing out all these little fixes for Delphi 2005 with separate little zip files.  So i've now created a single cumulative zip file that contains all the previous fixes I've posted.  However, I wasn't content with just leaving things alone so I've also included some other little items.  Some of you have complained that in certain circumstances non-visual DB components are unselected when several are multi-selected and they are moved around on the form or data module.  You know what, you're right, that sucks!  The QC report can be found here.  So included in this roll-up is also a fix for that issue.  This may also fix some issues with collections and reording them in the structure view, but I haven't tested that fully.  So, that makes this patch a little more dicey since a lot more was changed in order to actually fix this issue.  Yes, this has already been checked into the DeXter branch and will be appearing in an internal build within the next day or so.  In fact, if you jump on this now, you may actually get to see this fix in Delphi 2005 before Borland's own internal QA gets a crack at it in DeXter... yep folks, it is that fresh!  Same disclaimers and warnings apply.  So, if you like the stinging feel of sweat dripping in your eyes as you launch the IDE for the first time after installing this patch, then by all means grab it here!