Friday, August 5, 2005


Let's just keep this between you and me, OK?  While developing the next version of Delphi we encountered a defect in the editor kernel dll that could cause some instability if one happen to, ahem, use a different memory manager dll (borlndmm.dll) (cough...FastMM4...cough)...  You can get the informally fixed editor kernel dll here.  Simply download this file and unzip it.  Go to the <D2005 install>bin folder and rename boreditu.dll to something like  Then copy the new boreditu.dll to this folder... oh, and of course you shouldn't be running D2005 when doing this.

Remember this is just between us friends...  This is not an official support channel, nor will I have the bandwidth to answer any questions regarding this.  If this fixes some issues you may be having with D2005, then great.  If not, see below.  Basically, you should see fewer random editor kernel AVs.  This doesn't fix the random editor kernel “amount >= dest - startDest“ assertions some folks had been reporting.  That is a different issue.

I'd like to thank, Delphi user and ex-Borlander extraordinaire, Randy Magruder, for his help in informally testing this this little patch.  So if it blows up on you, you can blame him... :-).  However, if it works for you.. oh.. well.. you can still blame him, I suppose...