Friday, August 5, 2005

Great googly-moogly...

First the Eagles return for a tour several years ago... Now Chuck Jazdzewski is blogging!  If you don't know who Chuck is... what rock have you been hiding under!?  Chuck was the man responsible not only for me being hired many years ago at Borland, but was also part of the creative force behind Delphi's VCL.  Chuck has been my good friend and mentor for many years.


  1. Evolution. I love that movie.

  2. Didn't Chuck say he won't do a blog? What did you find the imposter from? ;o)

  3. My company would upgrade to the latest and greatest Delphi version IF it only had Datamodules in it.

    The last Delphi version 6 had data modules and I am not willing to invest the 3+ man weeks it would take to retool 16 applications that currently take advantage of this unique and highly adaptable feature.

    It was a serious mistake for the Delphi Team to navigate away from this idea. And I view it as a serious flaw.

    If your company ever publishes a version that will function with the Datamodules, you will have one happy customer.

  4. Bryan,

    I have no idea what you're referring to. We've not removed support for Datamodules in any way. If you're developing a VCL or VCL/.NET application then Datamodules are fully supported. However for WinForms and ASP.NET applications, they leverage MS frameworks and technology which, unfortunately, do not support a "Datamodule" concept.

    I would like to understand where you got the impression that Datamodules had been removed?

  5. I guess this is why Delphi has lost so much market share. Even YOU have your head in the sand.

    I am talking about porting VCL apps to dotNET.

    When I convert a Delphi 6 project to .NET it does not know what a datamodule is.

    If I keep it as a VCL app, you have taken away all of the ADO objects that were available in Delphi 6.

    There is no easy way to convert to your latest version, so I am stuck with Delphi 6 and until this is rememdied my 30 developers will continue trudging on with your older version.

  6. Bryan,

    VCL for .NET has the ADO objects (dbGo for ADO), so you should be able to migrate your Delphi 6 VCL (Win32) projects to Delphi 2005 and VCL for .NET...

    Unless you're talking about a WinForms project, but *nobody* in .NET supports DataModules for WinForms. DataModules are a VCL "invention", and hence available in VCL for Win32 and VCL for .NET.

    Groetjes, Bob


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