Tuesday, August 9, 2005

After all.. I'm still a Borland barbarian..

You may or may not have seen this rather insidious message in D2005; “amount >= dest - startDest”  If you've seen this message, then you know what I'm talking about.  Like this fix for the editor kernel itself, this one will take care of at least one instance of the previously mentioned assertion.  Again, this is extremely informal and no warranties, express or implied are in any way given.  If you are not risk averse, like to live on the bleeding edge, or otherwise are willing to give it a go, then you can download this patch here.

Like before, shut down the D2005 IDE.  Go to the bin folder and rename coreide90.bpl and coreide90.jdbg to coreide90.bpl.save and coreide90.jdbg.save, respectively. Then unzip the file from the above link into that folder.  Oh yes.. this will only work with an update 3 installation.

Again, thanks to Randy Magruder for really living on the edge and testing this little patch.


  1. Thanks Allen!

  2. Thank you, this is one of the big ones that caused me to crash 8 times a day.

  3. Allan, works great, how about a unofficial fix for this one:


    It has to be the most annoying bugs besides the crashes.

  4. Yes, Allen, I'm still a Borland Barbarian at heart (and not a Burrocrat!) :)

    Livin' on the edge, man, gotta love it...


  5. hi :)

    I see it before, this FASTMM is so nice, , but my Delphi customers are wanna to shoot me why I sold them Delphi with bugs :D

  6. This not work fine...

  7. Congratulations, the Oracle will speek again!


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