Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Shadow?

Now that I've done a little catching up, and some blog reading, I noticed that Chee Wee's blog links to mine here.  OK, fine.  But the link is written as Allen “The Shadow” Bauer.  What's up with that?  So, Chee Wee, how'd I get that moniker?  For that matter how did Danny “Thunder” Thorpe get his?


  1. And Tim is "The Wrist"! The mind boggles. Should I be offended that I didn't get one? C'mon guys, I want to be part of the cool club!

  2. See Danny's A thousand irons in the fire, http://blogs.codegear.com/dcc/archive/2005/03/12/3053.aspx for the original reference of "The Shadow".

    As for Danny's, let's wait till he asks. ;)

  3. How about Malcolm "Living La Vida ECO" Groves? :-)

  4. "Shadow" and "Thunder" are both obvious names used for horses. I would approach Chee Wee with a certain amount of caution if I were you. Specially if the derby is around the corner and he is carrying a bag full of syringes! :P



  5. Chee Wee,

    Ah, now I understand... I think I understand the "Thunder" reference now as well.


  6. Allen, you do? It has nothing to do with horses or the codename Microsoft gave to one of its products.

    That's Rune for you. Misleading people.


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