Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In recognition of life beyond C/C++

In this blog post by Raymond Chen, I find it very interesting and also very comforting that they (MS) actually considers the case where their MSDN examples are going to be taken and translated to a myriad of languages beyond the world of C/C++.  In fact, according to Ramond, far more people use languages other than C/C++ to create applications for Windows.  Do I believe that?  Maybe.  If you consider the huge number of Visual Basic programmers out there, then it seems that this statement has some merit.  I know that we Delphi programmers are certainly included in that calculation as well.  I mean, we've all done it.  We've all looked up the documentation on some Windows API and took the example code and translated portions of it to Delphi.

As a side note, posts like this also seem to be fodder for the various “glory-seekers” to chime in a pick apart his statements with petty little pedantic tirades on how much more they know about the C/C++ idiosyncrasies.  Just look at the comments regarding the realization that ZeroMemory won't work if the structures have IEEE floating point fields, or if some system uses a value other than 0 to represent a NULL.  I call them “glory seekers” because it seems that their only goal is to somehow get their “props” by pointing out the little edge conditions in someone's statements.  Good for you... you are a programming god... meanwhile the rest of us will take comfort in the true intent of what Raymond was saying.