Thursday, April 7, 2005

Vending machine religion

Vending machines are known for couple of things:  Providing heart-rotting, sugar-laden, flab-producing late night or afternoon munchies.  Another thing they tend to do is rob you of your hard earned loose change... all the while snickering at you as you stare longingly at that fine bit of cellophane-wrapped goodness just out of reach. 

Well, as I was down the hall grabbing a cup of “nectar of the gods,” or coffee, I glanced over and saw an amazing site.  A vending machine with a conscience!  Apparently this particular vending machine “got religion” and decided to try and make up for all its past acts of coniving thievery.  Oh what a site to behold!  Since it is a bit hard to describe, I whipped out my handy-dandy phone camera and snapped a bit of grainy wonder so that I could share this heart warming experience with you.


  1. Aw c'mon, Nick... that would destroy the whole irony of the situation...;-)

    Basically, someone posted a note ranting at the machine and warning folks that it is a thief and to leave your money in your pocket. Then hand-written on that note is an appology and all the money taped to the machine telling anyone who has lost money on the machine to take one or two based on the honor system. There is even a $5 bill taped to the note itself.

  2. Hmm, you have to pay for tid(/tit? ;o)bits at Borland? [Naughty joke: Or do titbits come free with their female owners... ;o) ]

    Last time I went to Microsoft Singapore (Mar 2005), they don't have to pay for anything. Just take whatever they want from the fridge. By my simple estimate, there were at least 200 cans/packets of drinks in the fridge, which has a transparent door.

    There's also a tea/coffee/milo (a chocolate drink)/cuppacino machine there, making hot drinks for anyone at the push of a button.

  3. Uh... Chee Wee... I'd prefer it if off-color joke like this were kept out of comments. This one is on the edge. Thanks. I didn't delete it only beause I know you.

    Each Borland facility has different policies about beverage services. Our facility provides all coffee, tea, and Hot cocoa. Soft-drinks such as sodas and juices are from vending machines. Also items such candy-bars, gum, chips and such are also from the vending machines. It's been this way since I started at Borland, over 13 years ago.


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