Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Delphi at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Someone in the Delphi non-tech newsgroup had posted this link to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Rapid Application Development Lab that explains their rationale for using Delphi in the creation of the Data Trending & Analysis System (DTAS)... uh.. whatever that is ;-).  But hey, its written in Delphi!  If you browse to the “Introduction” page (or follow this specific link), there is an excellent paragraph describing their reasons for selecting Delphi as the tool of choice.  The best quote is “ (i.e., it placed no measurable limits on what we could develop).”  That about sums it up...

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  1. There is a little more from NASA


    The current release version of DTAS uses the following commercial software


    a.. Microsoft Windows NT 4 Server

    b.. Borland Interbase 5.6 Database Server

    c.. Guild FTP Server .97

    d.. Microsoft Excel (optional)

    e.. OmniHTTPd Web Server (optional) or

    f.. Microsoft Internet Information Server (optional)

    That is something Borland should be proud of and advertise (hey, it is not

    Oracle and not MS SQL Server, but Interbase)

    And... it is not listed in Interbase section on Borland web-site


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