Friday, April 22, 2005

Some more blasts from the past..

Brian Long, Delphi Consultant Extranordinaire, has some cool web pages describing all the various “Easter eggs“ that have been in Borland products over the years.  I'm somewhat partial to this one in particular...  In other words, the text file and project manager trick.

For the record, though, I did not put this one in the product.  There was a period of about a year and a half where I played R&D manager in addition to having actual product deliverables for which I was responsible.  It was done by two of my direct reports, specifically, Chris “debuggers 'r' us” Hesik and Dave “I don't have a blog” Wilhelm.



  1. How about this one:

    Allen 'I should be doing neat things now, instead of reminding people about dinosaur-eggs in museums' Bauer

  2. But many folks like to go to museums. Besides, I can't talks about all the neat stuff I'm doing right now. Hopefully, that will change..


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