Monday, November 23, 2015


Just a little teaser. Here's a video of a presentation I did with David I demonstrating the Ballistic Chronograph I built a couple of years ago. This is actually revision 2. The same screens were used with a new custom controller that linked via Bluetooth to a Delphi Android application.

As you can see from the video, Nerf guns aren't particularly powerful.


  1. I was thinking other uses for this kind of thingy, what are requirements of the measured item? Does it has to be metallic? And any guestimation of the how short the distance can be between the ports to measure reliably (Most likely depends on the speed also)?

  2. It uses light so not need to be metallic then... Sweet...

  3. What a fun project. It would be interesting to see how my various rounds behave.

  4. Robert,

    Yeah, that was the purpose of doing the project.

  5. any pointers on the similar projects which has sound hardware implementation, this kind of project would be fun to tinker with...

    Just my knowledge on electronics is so limited (It has been 20 years since last serious project), so I have no competence on selecting the project as a starting point...


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