Monday, September 18, 2006

Hotfix!! Get yer Hotfix, here!

Hot on the heals of the Turbo product release, we've just now signed-off a rollup of the previous BDS2006 hotfixes 1-6, except 2 and have now added three previously unreleased hotfixes 7-9!  This hotfix rollup will work for all BDS2006 Update 2 editions and all the Turbo releases, all languages.  You'll be able to download it on soon, and it should be up on CodeCentral here.  I'll update this posting as more sites come online.  It will be, ahem... interesting to note that the Borland download site will probably take a little longer to come online than the sites under DTG's more direct control...

Update: There's now an article on BDN and the site has been updated.

Update: The following is the MD5 hash for BDS2006HotfixRollup.exe: 4FE838F389ABB7AD0D477F03192F5330  If this doesn't match what you've downloaded, then you've gotten a corrupted version.  Again, this is for the above mentioned executable, not the .zip or any other download container it may be in.  There are many various MD5 hash generators/checkers available so you can verify the above hash code.

Update: You can download just the .exe here.


  1. Thanks for the news.

    Off topic:

    Any more news on DEVCO?? (assuming you can say?)

  2. Anything serious fixed that grabbing hotfixes 3-6 doesn't really cover for 99% of people?

    I found vauge references to hf7 being "compiler stuff" but nothing on what 8 and 9 might cover.

    Uh, I thought the turbos were update1+hf1+hf22. Do I understand correctly that hf2 is now being removed from update 2 for the turbos or did I misunderstand what was contained in the turbos?

  3. C Johnson --

    HF #2 is a very specific HF for CaliberRM integration users. It was problematical to include it in this rollup, and it was a pretty small corner case, so we left it out.

    It's really not a big deal for 99.99999999999% of the users out there.

    Nick Hodges

    Delphi Product Manager

  4. C Johnson: As far as I remember, HF #2 cannot be installed unconditionally. It is only for those, who have (plan to use, etc.) a newer Caliber RM, and it harms those who prefer to use an older Caliber. IMHO including HF #2 into the roll-up required additional Caliber related dialogs and would be a mistake.

  5. Nick & Andrei - Ok, I was just under the impression that hotfix 2 was a part of turbo Delphi. Not the case.

    So, any comments on what the additional hotfixes DO cover?

  6. Never mind, I found the list over at

  7. any news about slow build for read only files, any HF for that?


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