Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Will the real "DevCo" please stand up.

While walking back from the local Japanese/Sushi resturant for lunch, this truck just showed up here at the Scotts Valley campus.  Please take note of the name stamped on the side.  Why is it here?  Well, housed in that large concrete structure on the other side of the truck is a huge diesel generator.  My guess is that this truck is here to fill the fuel tanks.  Anyway, I just thought it was funny and figured I'd share it.  Oh, and as you can guess from the picture, it is a beautiful, hot, sunny, summer day out there.


  1. I've had sushi every day over the past weekend!

  2. If you were at microsoft, you'd already be fired!

  3. Uh... Why? By taking a picture? By mentioning the DevCo Oil company?

  4. I guess I shouldn't mention the "DevCo Heating and Cooling" company we have up here in Ukiah? After all, I don't expect Allen to show up to work on my air conditioner!

  5. DevCo is ... everywhere!



  6. Devco is ..... everywhere !!!

    google "Devco"

    and you will find sites from all over the globe !!!


  7. Will the real "Devco Owner" plese stand up!

    What's the magnitude... days, weeks, months?


  8. I remember going to a meeting in May where the Borland rep said DevCo would be revealed in June. This is starting to get old!

    I think VC stands for vapor capitalist

  9. ....meanwhile.


    Ghana: Aiti to Train Over 100 Tutors in Ruby

    As part of the on-going collaboration between the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT and the Finatrade Foundation, over one hundred ICT tutors from forty four Senior Secondary Schools (SSS) are expected to be trained in Ruby Programming Language. Ruby is a new generation and a dynamic object oriented programming language. It is relatively easy to learn and can be mastered within a relatively short period of time. It is a useful tool for developing software applications to enhance productivity in the economy.


  10. Allen - > Ya, actually, for a fact I know that one MS employee got fired for putting a pic of some mac computers being received on loading dock with the comment that 'even ms is buying mac' . They fired him for a breach of security because they considered the loading dock a "security area".

    Heck, you not only took a picture that could be considered a security area, but underscored that fact by describing what was in the building.

    True, I doubt it is a huge issue, and MS was definitely over-reacting (you saw a palette on a concrete floor with a doorway with blurry undefined outside behind it), but it does underscore some interesting corporate culture differences throughout the industry.

    I would not be surprised to find that a large percentage of technology companies would consider your pic and description to be a major security violation, all while the CEO continues to use "password" for his password.

    As a footnote, it was hardly a surprise for MS to buy some Macs, as they were actively developing things for the mac at the time, so the guy lost his job trying to be witty about how great macs were on what amounts to a no brainer, and that's gotta be the insult to the injury.


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