Friday, May 5, 2006

Interns and other positions opening up.

As I mentioned in this post, we have a number of Intern positions open within the development organization for "DevCo" or the Developer Tools Group here at Borland.  Well, they've started showing up on Borland's career page.  The specific ones available are:

Integration Intern
Integration Intern
QA Intern

There are also a number of R&D positions open as well:

R&D Engineer III
R&D Engineer IV
R&D Staff Engineer

Finally, some Documentation and QA positions:

Technical Writer IV
Technical Writer IV
QA Engineer II

Please do not post inquiries here or send resume's directly to me.  Use the above links and follow the directions on those site.  If you send your resume' to me... chances are it'll get lost.


  1. Hi Allen,

    Do Borland have any plans of building developments tools targeted for the MacOSX.

    I love .NET but I also love my Mac. Hope somebody could fill this gap.


  2. Any chance this means that DevCo is going to return to producing documents like those that came with D2?

    Those documents were nearly the best Borland ever produced (the single best were probably the manuals for Turbo Pascal for Windows 7.0)

    I was astonished by how much the price went up while the documents were all exterminated. You can't read a PDF on the bus, in the bathroom, in the backyard, etc etc etc.

    The books were excellent. I hope that DevCo is planning on returning to making them a standard part of the package. After all, they couldn't cost more than 70 or 80 a set to print and instead of saving us money by omission, the cost continued to rise.

  3. Would the employees be part of Borland or a new company? Many would be willing to work for a new company but not for Borland.

  4. Bill S.,

    Depending upon when they're hired, these employees would initially be a part of Borland but would transfer with the new company at that time. "DevCo" is currently operating within Borland as the "Developer Tools Group." The idea is that when we find an investor, that entire organization would be part of the transaction.


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