Thursday, May 11, 2006

Even more "DevCo"/Developer Tools Group openings!

As I mentioned in this post, some more job openings should be appearing soon on the Borland careers site.  Well they have and there is even a couple of non-intern positions.  One very interesting position is the C++Builder/Developer Studio Product Manager.  This is a very, very important position.  If you feel like you're qualified based on the job description, please send your resume'/CV.

C++Builder/Developer Studio Product Manager
Build/Localization Engineer
R&D Intern
QA Intern

So that's another four openings since my last posting.  In total the "DevCo"/Developer Tools Group now has officially opened 15 personel requisitions!


  1. While I agree that DevCo is right, the Delphi teams really need more personnel to start moving in the right direction again, it is going to take a lot of nerve to risk signing up for one of those jobs.

    After all, the new owners might have their own ideas, and they didn't develop the phrase "last hired, first fired" for nothing, particularilly in situations like this.

    My hat is off to those brave and adventerous enough to sign up and take the risk!

  2. CJ:

    We'll all be walking with dinosaurs if we followed your mindset. I'm suprised you're computer literate.

    With your consistent pessimism, I think you should stick with typewriters.



  3. Id apply if I lived near enough, id probably go for the QA job. It would be a dream to work for the Devco/Borland people making my fave product. Sadly, commuting from the UK just wouldnt work!

  4. There is not even a product manager hired yet? I find it hard sharing the enthusiasm...

  5. John -> I assume you'll be signing up for a job with DevCo then?

  6. "DevCo", what about it if the new corp is named as "imDelphi"(I am Delphi)


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