Thursday, May 4, 2006

Borland announces "DevCo" progress..

In a press release yesterday, Borland intermixed a bit of information regarding the progress toward spinning-out "DevCo."  As a matter of fact, it referred to our group as the "Developer Tools Group."  Here's an excerpt:

"Borland announced on February 8, 2006 the intention to divest its Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) product lines. Nigel Brown, previously vice president of Borland EMEA, has been appointed general manager of Borland's internally formed Developer Tools Group. This group now consists of approximately 180 Borland employees, with sales, marketing and product teams working independently within the Company. The divesture process is proceeding according to schedule and attracting a strong number of qualified bidders. Borland is working to have a buyer identified within the next several months."

So the thing I'd like to highlight is "attracting a strong number of qualified bidders." This should be seen as very good news!  Another thing to note about this process is that it "is proceeding according to schedule."  Yesterday, they held a company meeting to roll out the information in the press-release to the Borland employees.  It was very surreal for me.  I've been to many, many company meetings throughout my 14+ years at Borland, both good and bad.  This one was markedly different.  I really felt as if I was sitting in on some other company's meeting.  I felt a little out of place.  Maybe this is just because the Developer Tools Group is really beginning to feel like a different entity.  Maybe I've already psycologically severed my connection with Borland and am now squarely focused on making "DevCo" the success I know it can be.  To me this is a good sign.

For the record, the other information in that press release about job cutbacks doesn't apply to the Developer Tools Group.  In fact, we're still actively hiring for some key positions.  We've also now have an intership program in its infancy.  The next several months are going to be an exciting time!