Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Fly! Be free!

I don't think is has been too much of a secret that Borland, the developer tools company, and Borland, the enterprise software tool company have been on divergent paths for many years.  Some of you may recall all the brouhaha surrounding the tendered offer from Robert Coates and crew to purchase the Delphi and deployment product group(DPG) assets in order to form a separate private entity.  Much speculation and opinions quickly formed throughout the Delphi community.  Hopefully by now you've heard about the latest news from Borland outlining a very similar internally driven strategy to do just that.  If not, please take a moment to digest the information.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Interesting, huh? Oh.. wait... that Segue thing?  That's not the part you and I are interested in.  I know what you're thinking...  I thought the same things when I first heard about this.  How will this be pulled off?  Will Delphi be able to survive?  What about this technical hurdle?  What about that hurdle?  Well, let me give you my take on all this, and hopefully some of your fears can be allayed.

First of all, I'm so totally STOKED about this!  Why?  Finally, Delphi (and the other related products) can now receive the focus and attention the've long deserved.  I can be involved with a team that can make descisions based on what is right for the product and the customers without worrying about how those descisiona align with the overarching corporate strategy.  I mean, our products will be the corporate strategy!  I applaude Tod, Rick, Matt and the other executives for their vision and care in seeing that there is still extreme value and life left in these products.  I'm excited about the possibilities to reinvest the stable revenue streams back into the products in order to better serve our customers.  Also, the potential to invest in new complimentary directions rather than orthogonal ones.  I'm sure by now your mind is reeling and spinning as fast as mine when faced all the possibilities that suddenly begin to open up!  Of course we can't do everything, but we will now have far greater control over deciding on what is the best course to take.

Tod Nielsen wasn't kidding when he came became the CEO with his tagline of “Go Big, or Go Home!”  I mean, this is capital “B“ Big, folks!  Is this a slam dunk for Delphi and the other products?  No.  Is this going to be a tough thing to pull off?  Of course!  But I certainly am excited to give it a good solid chance!  I hope that all of you, the loyal, rabid, Delphi customers, third parties, and fans will stick with us and see this through as well.  I have no doubt that you'll be pleased with how it will turn out.  Think about this folks, Delphi is no longer going to be the red-headed step child looking for it's place.

So I think I'll have to adopt Tod's tagline as well.  Go Big! or Go Home!  And Fly! Be free!  So strap yourself in tightly, cause it's going to be a fun and exciting ride!

UPDATE: Just to clarify, the spin-off of the IDE/Tools business is *not* being driven by Mr. Coates.  It is purely being driven by the executive team under the full blessing of the current Borland Board of Directors.  While the Coates proposal was interesting, it is far better that this kind of thing be driven by an internally committed and involved team.