Wednesday, February 8, 2006

What about the "Borland" Name? My opinion.

A very common question and comment that keeps recurring is “Why doesn't the new IDE company keep the Borland name and the surviving company rename around the ALM strategy?”  In principle, I agree that this would be an ideal thing to happen.  I, too, have an extreme attachment to “Borland.”  However, if we have to lose the Borland name in order to gain autonomy, focus, invesment and all the things we know is needed to keep Delphi on a forward track, I'll count it as a huge net gain.  Yes, let us mourn the loss of the Borland name attached to Delphi, but at the same time let us celebrate the opportunities and opened doors that are now ahead of us!

In the end, the Delphi and JBuilder names carry significant brand recognition all on their own.  They seemed to survive the “Inprise” debacle quite well.  I'm confident that whatever the “NewCo” name ends up being, it will be complementary and recognizable.  This assumes, of course, that the spin out winds up being an independent company (my personal preference).

BTW, you'll notice that I'll never use the term “divestiture” or “divest.”  Those are ugly and cold.  I prefer “spin-out” or “spin-off.”  They sound, at least to me, to be much more positive.