Saturday, November 5, 2005


OK.. I'm here at DevCon at the San Francisco Hilton Towers smack in the middle of downtown San Fran'.  I'm currently waiting for a build with the latest changes feverishly checked into StarTeam to complete.  The VPN is connected, the fan on the laptop is on high trying to stay ahead of the wattage from the CPU, and the 7200 rpm laptop hard drive is chirping madly.  I also have to go over and finalize my talk, “What's new in Delphi”... I'll also be guest presenting in Anders Ohlsson's Delphi Overview pre-conference tutorial.. It's only a half and hour, but at least I'll be able to do a dry run before my main talk in the actual conference.  I'll also be connecting as often as possible and VPN'ing back to the office to check on the latest progress of the build and make sure I don't have any real nasty critters show up...  On top of all that, Tuesday, Nov. 8th is election day here in California... and... oh wait.. I took care of that and have already sent in my absentee ballot.. whew! Citizenship duty... check!  Next item... where's that PowerPoint application?  Oh don't worry, I'll only have a very small number of slides. There's enough stuff in DeXter to keep me busy for several hours.. the problem is picking the coolest ones.  I'll try and keep some more information flowing here... oops.. the build is done.  Gotta go.



  1. Would love to see that slide.


    (good luck!)

  3. Sure, rub it in that you have a 7200rpm drive...whattaguy :)

  4. Uf!!! que sana envidia, debe ser lindo estar ahí.



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