Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Put on a happy face...

Danny and I were having a discussion yesterday regarding the benefits that a company can gain by allowing its average-joe employees to maintain a blog hosted from their site or simply allowed to comment on what they do for they're "day job." I made the comment that blogs have the intangible effect of putting a collective "face" and "personality" on to an otherwise amorphous, cold and faceless corporation. It helps cement in the customer's minds that there are real people with real lives behind the products and services produced by the company. They have likes and dislikes, opinions, faults and emotions. Take, for instance, the fact that Microsoft has well over 400 active bloggers. Do you find that appears to make them more approachable and candid as a company? Does blogging help or hurt their public image? Do you find it satisfying that when you post a comment to a blog and the blog owner responds, even if it is a simple "thanks for your comments" response?

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