Tuesday, October 14, 2003

RSS Feed

OK, I figured out how to get an RSS feed up and going... You can now subscribe to my RSS feed here. It's not perfect, since it is somewhat of a hack. I simply added an HTML comment to my template that contains the RSS XML skeleton. Then, using their own template tags, Blogger will fill in this XML skeleton when it is published to the server. Finally, on the server, which is a Linux box, I wrote a Perl script (yea, yea, I should have used Kylix...) to scrape the HTML file and extract the rss xml data and write it to rss.xml. This script is setup as a cron process which runs every five minutes. If it detects that the html file date is newer than the rss.xml file, it will regenerate that file.

As far as not using Kylix... well I didn't have a Linux box up and running with Kylix installed at the time and this was sort-of a late-night, "let's see if this works" project...

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