Thursday, October 9, 2003

Chris Anderson found me..

Seems Chris Anderson found me... What I find interesting about his blog is the amount of personal information he shares. We all can get to know him quite well, yet we are all anonymous to him. I've personally met Chris several times and can say that he's dedicated and passionate about his work. He's also extremely talented and I count it an honor to have met him. He and I also have another thing in common; we've both worked side-by-side with one of my all-time, most respected engineers, Anders Hejlsberg.

I've always believed that in order for one to grow personally in any area, technically, socially, spiritually, etc.., one should surround themselves with folks that they respect and admire in that area. Anders Hejlsberg was certainly a person of this caliber, both as an engineer and as a person. I also know that Anders only works closely with top notch folks, so it certainly is safe to assume that Chris "has got it goin' on."

I hope that wasn't too sappy for you Chris... ;-)

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